Changing Homework For The Better

When your child comes home with an assignment from school that you think is inappropriate, what can you do but change it like one mother did? Lynne Polvino was looking over her 6-year-old daughter’s homework one night like she always does when she noticed that a word passage was a problem. She posted pictures of the original and the edited homework assignment on Facebook for other parents and teachers to see.


The assignment was to write a story about a girl named Lisa. Blanks were left in the sentences with three words to choose from with the student making the choice of which word fit best. The title of the story was “Back To Work.” The story started with a normal situation of a girl who didn’t want her mother to go back to work after being at home. Everyone was rushing to get to work and school on time, and Lisa had a bad day because she felt neglected. Lisa’s dad made breakfast, which wasn’t very good. The story ends with Lisa feeling better because her mother can get off early to pick her up from school at the end of the day.


Lynne looked at the story as the writer trying to tell children that it’s a bad thing for both parents to work outside the home. It also suggests that fathers can’t do household chores. Lynne’s version of the story is about Lisa’s mother going back to work after being out for maternity leave. She gave descriptions about the father making a good breakfast and everything running smoothly in the home while the mother took care of Lisa’s baby brother. This is an example of a parent taking the education of the child into her own hands.


July 6, 2017

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