An Encounter with Greg Secker of Learn to Trade

Greg Secker is a remarkably self-made entrepreneur serving in a wide range of areas. Apart from being a renowned businessman, Greg is also famously known for his articulacy in international speaking and philanthropic endeavors. On an interview with Lynn Fosse of CEOCFO, Greg disclosed the philosophy that guides him. His attitude portrays him as a “why not guy” and not as a “”why guy. Precisely, he dares penetrate even the deepest of depths. He says that although he pursued a bachelor’s in agriculture and food sciences, he dedicated quality time to selling computers, an endeavor that opened his eyes to interacting with computers through coding and programming.

Understand how Greg Ended Up in Finance Sector

As it is, Greg Secker advises people on attaining financial freedom through foreign exchange markets. It all started when he went to a job fair and encountered some guy on a Thomas Cook Financial Services desk. It happened that they had something in common; both were computer geeks. They made plans, and Greg was scheduled for an interview, which he passed. On getting employed, it did not take long before Mr. Secker was introduced to developing Virtual Trading Desk. He successfully designed the first ever online trading platform, which again, opened him an opportunity to engage with several traders. He could even develop them user-friendly programs to guide their online initiatives.

Greg Secker as a Generous Contributor

Greg is an amazing humanitarian. He sticks to the idea that a small act of compassion can significantly impact hundreds of lives. He influences charitable endeavors through his non-profit organization, The Greg Secker Foundation, which strives to improve the lives of children across the globe. Their primary objective is to equip young people with all the tools necessary for their success. The Greg Secker Foundation takes care of all their beneficiaries’ issues including emotional, mental, education, and general life issues that contribute to their wholesome growth. It was always in his dreams to impact lives and leave a legacy. From time to time, they engage their students in profitable events and also build homes for homeless children.

July 8, 2017

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