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Market America does not manufacture one product or concentrate on a single service. This is what makes Market America products and services exciting. Not relying on a single product enables the company to sell what the consumer needs. Market America products are based on current consumer demands. Market America products are sold globally with no geographical restrictions hence being called Market America Mall Without Walls.

Varieties of Market America Products.

Market America through its market offers a variety of products. They range from health products, skin care products, nutrition, home and garden care, cosmetics, and even personal care. Some of the brands found in Market America are Isotonix, Snap, Pet Health, Autoworks, TLS, Royal Spa, Fixx, Skin Intelligence.

Jewelry from Motives by Ridinger make part of Market America products. You can also get water filter systems from Pure H20 at Market America among millions of other products. This shows that Market America Products are selected from popular consumer demands and you can get all under one roof.

Why buy Market America Products

Market America products have raked in billions of dollars in sales. The secret behind this success is the company making sure that consumers get products of the highest quality and demand. Quality is built into every product as a design requirement. There are scientists to make sure the products are safe and of the best quality. The manufacturers of Market America products have a solid relationship with the company and there is a high level of commitment to customers by the company.All this ensure that Market America Products are products you can believe in.

August 30, 2017

The Success of Fabletics

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There is a high demand for workout clothing these days. It is shaping the landscape of the American people. Athleisure companies are doing well in the industry. There are new workout clothing companies that are popping out to take advantage of what is known to be fashionable and gold mine. There is a high generation of clients who prefer to spend their cash on clothes that reflect their fashion and lifestyle. The companies use new consumer technology to satisfy their clients.


Fabletics is a fashion company that is managed by Kate Hudson and Adam Goldenberg. Kate Hudson is a leading actress, and Adam Goldenberg is the founder of JustFab Company. Fabletics has become a champion in selling female workout clothing. The clients use costumes at the gym and still look great in them. Fabletics brand was developed online. It began as a digital platform that sold workout clothes to people using a distinct subscription-based model.


The subscription model is where the customers become VIP members. They get to purchase the costumes at lower costs as compared to clients who buy directly without becoming VIP members. VIP member pays a monthly subscription fee. They can buy any pair of costume at a flat price after paying a monthly subscription fee of $50.


Fabletics has bought $250 million and attracted more than one million subscribers. The company is following the footsteps of worldwide brands such as Amazon, Apple, and Warky Parky. Fabletics is the best company because it utilizes analytics to understand their clients and ways to deliver the clothing in time. Fabletics strive to outshine their competitors because they sell their outfits half the price of other companies.


The company intends to expand its physical stores by the end of this year. They will be opening more stores apart from the sixteen stores that are available in parts of California, Florida, Hawaii, and Illinois. Elements that are important to customers include experience, mile service, gamification, and exclusive design. The sales increased by 43 percent in 2016. Fabletics has attracted many followers on Twitter. They use existing trends to predict future demand with accuracy.


Kate Hudson is the CEO of Fabletics. She has mastered the knowledge of advertising her brands. Her main drive is to create a well fashionable and affordable workout clothing. Five main tips drive Kate Hudson. The first tip to the success of her brands is to identify marketing opportunities. Kate recognizes that many people struggle with health. She designed clothes that are fashionable and fun. They inspire many people to work out more.


The second recipe is staying hands on. Kate Hudson knows the brands that move faster and those that move slowly. She launches different collections weekly. She also relies on data to make good decisions. Kate Hudson advises customers to take a quick quiz. The data that is found is used by Fabletics to create new models and determine the prices. Kate Hudson believes in herself. She takes many risks to the success of the company.

August 28, 2017

George Soros Contributions Towards a Better Society

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George Soros is an 85-year-old Hungarian born New York billionaire investor. He has been one of the leading funders of the Democratic Politics. Soros spent more than $27 million in the John Kerry’s campaign against George Bush in which they lost. Soros then resurfaced in funding of Hillary Clintons and other Democratic candidates and cause which he contributed over $25 million. His willingness to being part of the Hillarys campaign contributor has been taken as a good sign since Soros is seen as having a potential to catalyze giving by other wealthy activists. According to Federal Elections Commission records, Soros gave $2 million to American Bridge 21st Century, an opposition research super PAC that has been targeting Trump and other Republican candidates, and $700,000 to an assortment of Democratic Party committees, PACs, and campaigns, including Clinton’s. He also committed $5 million to a non-profit group the Voting Rights Trust devoted to fighting conservative efforts to restrict voting. He has also donated over $3 million to different voter mobilization groups whose donors are not disclosed. Through his international foundations, Soros has spent more than $13 billion over the past three decades in non-profit activities that focus on defending human rights, shaping the democratic process in Eastern Europe and expand access to health care and education in the U.S. and around the world.

Soros Support to Ferguson Activism

Mr. Soros foundations have been known to promote an open society. He is a well-known supporter of progressive-liberal causes. He gave at least $33 million in one year to support already established groups that emboldened the grassroots, on-the-ground activists in Ferguson. These organizations built grassroots coalitions backed by national wide online and social media campaign. These groups were protesting in the push for having people participate in government for a more just inclusive, democratic society. The organizations struggle in Ferguson were on criminalizing people of color in the war on drugs under the campaign ‘blacklives matters’ which spread from a social media campaign to bus tours.Race Forward, a group that Soros funded $200,000 published an online news site ‘Colorlines’ that focuses on race issues. It has posted on activities in Ferguson and promoted black lives matters campaign.

Gamaliel Foundation, one of the organizations funded by Mr. Soros fuelled the demonstrations in Ferguson has ties with Mr. Obama whereby he started his career as a community organizer at a Gamaliel affiliate in Chicago. The organization network has also brought on board a group of clergymen such as rev Traci Blackmon of Christ the King United Church in Florissant, Missouri. The clergy during the protest event deemed ‘Hands Up Sabbath’ where the clergy was to speak about racial issues. Millennial Activists United co-founded by Mr. Fellow Larry principal source of videos and stories developed in Ferguson by youth activities. MAU has partnered with Gamaliel network churches and received training from Advancement Project that had been given a grant of $500,000 from Mr. Soros in 2013 to building a fair, just and multiracial democracy in America through community organizing support and public policy reform.

August 26, 2017

Susan McGalla

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Though it has been proven statistically that companies exhibiting an equalized staff perform better than others, high-profile companies still have a degree of hiring inequality. Companies that have given an effort to promoting women to important titles are 15% more likely to show increases in key growth factors. This is evidence that companies that are more open to diversity and new ideas often experience beneficial changes.Common testimonies from men and women who have succeeded in the business world include dedication to hard work. It doesn’t matter what type of social evolution takes place. The best way to achieve a higher position in a company is a strong work ethic. Though much progress is being made in the international business world to elevate women to higher status, these efforts are meaningless without the presence of women who have goals and peer support.It is very important that industries eliminate blocks for women who are advancing. This trend is meaningless however, if women are ill-equipped to take advantage of new opportunities. Women must be educated regarding the personal changes and attitudes that it takes to climb any corporate ladder. The way has been cleared, but women with their eyes on executive status must know how to intensify their levels of competition and executive strength.

A highly effective way executive women can learn new skills and professional approaches is with sponsorship. Mentoring is a powerful method for successful women to gain an even greater hold on corporate opportunities. Knowledge still is power, and women with knowledge regarding achievement have more power than ever to soar in a corporate environment.

Susan McGalla is a Philadelphia executive who understands the importance of having mentors. She has spent her life pursuing recognition in the corporate world, and has been quite successful. Her official titles range from clothing manufacturer representative, to the Vice President of Business Strategy and Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

McGalla’s strategies and advice are sought by both men and women, though she has a special personal concern for female equality in the workplace. Her personal beliefs include less reliance on government programs and initiatives for equality, and more concentration on woman-to-woman mentoring and education.

August 24, 2017

Bob Reina’s Passion And Belief In Himself Led To His Success

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Bob Reina of Talk Fusion has recently published his second article with MarTech Advisors in the space of a year. The article is titled 2017 Video Advertising Trends and talks about the techniques and video styles of 2016 and their importance in the marketing campaigns used in 2017. Bob Reina believes marketing has reached the point where it requires video to be successful. His opinion is based on consumer trends, the popularity of video, and market analysis. He stated video has become the most important asset of any advertiser. Learn more:


Bob Reina was responsible for Video Email back in 2014 and the products success was based on his understanding of the market. The reason he has shared his tips regarding video with MarTech is to help the businesses he believes should be using this technology into the future. His last article was concerning video marketing and it became one of 2016 most read articles. His latest article is expected to be read by as many as 1.1 million individuals globally.


Bob Reina is well known for his sense of humor and commitment to success. He is self-disciplined and although his career has not always been smooth he keeps his eyes on the future. He attended the University of South Florida and had to work several jobs to be able to complete his studies. When he graduated from his police class he held the number one position in the class. During his days as a police officer he was both highly regarded and respected.


Bob Reina looks at entrepreneurship in a different light than most people. His success came from a combination of his abilities in the field of direct sales and hard work. He gave up a regular paycheck to pursue his passion for marketing despite the negative response he received from his family and friends. He believed he could be successful and he proved he was correct. He ran his business his way with experts in technology and marketing on his team, dedication, insight, and always finding the time to help animals. He even brings pets to his office every single day.


August 23, 2017

New Start Time Bill for Schools as Deployed By California Law

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In recent news, the California School Committee has approved a school start time bill. The bill seeks to restrict schools start time, in the state of California, to no earlier than 8: 30 am. Soon it will be illegal in the state of California for schools to require their students to be in class earlier than 8:30 am. According to a research done by the American Academy of pediatrics and the American academy of sleep medicine, it is unhealthy and counterproductive for students to be in school earlier than 8:30am. The bill, introduced by Senator Anthony J. Portantino, seeks to make California the first state in the U.S to allow for the healthy sleep of middle and high school students.

Changing of the school bell time was a challenge, it took the people of California long to adjust to the new rules. This is because the newly placed rule threatened to collide with the school’s normal rules and regulations. According to Anthony J. Portantino, introducing the bill also meant changing of bell time, and this had an impact in the teachers and parents daily schedules. However, the education committees together with parents strongly embraced the start time bill idea. The movement, as said by Portantino, is a way of improving student’s public health and achievement to attain positive results.

So far, the school start time bill has proven to be the most effective rule ever passed by the state. It has resulted in a smooth transition to healthier hours at school. Moreover, it has ensured healthy social strata among the students in the community. Due to the school start time bill, there has been a reduced level of impulsivity reports among teenagers which proves that the law has aided widely in reducing the level of depression among teenagers.

August 13, 2017

Warwick University Business School Research About AI Breaks New Ground

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Warwick University Business School Researchers have managed to develop a new form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that deploys a deep learning model to distinguish between the picture of a beautiful scenery and a more run of the mill landscape. In their paper titled, Using deep learning to quantify the beauty of outdoor places, the team put to use 200000 pictures from their website Scenic or Not.

These pictures were fed to the deep learning model to enable it to understand the characteristics of a beautiful picture. The next stage involved the researchers training the deep learning model to rate the pictures according to their beauty. The experiment was so successful that the deep learning model could actually identify Hampstead Heath, a park in London and the iconic Big Ben as a built up area.

What is quite intriguing about this model is the fact that this deep learning model comprised of neural network that is quite similar to the human neural network. The insights provided by this AI model about the collective understanding of human beings about concepts like what is beautiful is fascinating.

What is also incredible is that people who lived in the areas identified as beautiful in this experiment reported better health than the people who loved elsewhere. Another important insight gathered was the nuanced approach to beauty that the AI model took. For instance, just the existence of vast green patches did not constitute beauty, but the presence of architectural features like bridges and structures of historical importance added to the beauty of a place.

This research by Warwick University students surely brought into sharp focus that AI or Artificial Intelligence continues to make vast strides and by and by it is extending its reach into more everyday matters, rather than being confined to only high-end esoteric matters.

August 12, 2017

Greg Secker Talks about Forex Trading

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Trading of foreign exchange is also referred to as Forex. Greg Secker urges all that have earlier had the fear to venture into this trading to drop their fears and invest in this diverse market field. He explains that Forex trading can be a reliable profit earning ground for anyone who invests in it. The key reasons for venturing in this field are the low-interest rates, the stagnant wage growth, and the high inflation of which are a great environment for Forex traders.

Forex is the market for foreign exchange. Currencies from all over the world are exchanged 24 hours each day. The exchange is not centralized in Forex which is unlike the case of the stock exchange market. Everything under Forex uses computer networks in its handling. Forex is a trading that is of high technology but does not necessarily require one to be technologically shrewd to be into it. The only idea employed is whether a specific currency rises or falls in comparison to another currency. This idea will ensure you profit notwithstanding the market is favorable or not!

According to Greg Secker, there is no special skill, talent, or educational level needed for one to be in the Forex market. Some software’s can help you in the Forex field as the trading is purely done via the internet. Some of the benefits of engaging in Forex include that it can be conducted anywhere & at any time, has a wide range of opportunities, it’s easy to start, quite popular, and flexible as well,among others.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is an international speaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He owns Capital Index, Learn to Trade, and Smartcharts Software. He is the founder for a non-profit-organization, Greg Secker Foundation, which aims at improving people’s lives worldwide.

Greg who was a multi-millionaire in his early twenties runs among the most successful companies in Europe that concentrate on trading. His company aims at creating the financial freedom to everyone by providing them with training on investments. Greg first worked at Thomas Cook Financial services and later left for Visual Trading Desk.


August 12, 2017

How to Raise a Bilingual Child

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According to an online article,, bilingual children are rare, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom. The monolinguist nature of these two English speaking nations have taken their toll on the children who are being raised bilingual only to end up in their adult life speaking strictly English.

Sociologists and psychologists are campaigning for the local population to raise bilingual children, as the ability to speak more than one language opens up so many opportunities in today’s world. They are advising parents who are non-English natives to teach their languages to their children by speaking today in their local tongues, reading them books which are translated in their language, or sing native songs from their home countries. According to the specialists, this way, the children will be more exposed to the language and they will learn it faster. Based on studies, it is not enough that the parents would only speak to their children using their native tongue. Exposing them to the language is the key, and by giving them the time to learn, the child could become bilingual.

As the child grows, it is also important for parents to track the child’s progress with speaking their language. Because English is widely used in the United States and the United Kingdom, it is recommended that the parents should always take a time to have their children embrace their second language. There are ways on how this can be achieved, like letting their children watch shows that teaches another language, or songs that are bilingual in nature. They also have to let their child visit another country to let them be exposed to more local speakers. This way, children would take up the language as they grow, and there is a small chance of them forgetting it.

August 11, 2017

The Secret to Higher Scores on Exams

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There is always a lot of talk about getting higher scores on standardized tests. Teachers come into question. The course of study comes into question. So many fingers get pointed, but there is one area that always seems to get overlooked. This area that plays a very important part in education that will get overlooked more common than not is the nutrition of the children.

There are a lot of children that are struggling with the process of getting the higher scores for their exams because they are not getting the proper nutrition. Anyone that has failed to notice the need to a proper nutrition in the school is missing the mark. It should be obvious since better nutrition is the thing that adults are going to need to make better decisions during the course of the day.

Good sleeping habits are going to be a factor in how well children function in classes during the day. This is certainly something that is important. Unfortunately, the school system cannot do anything to regulate good sleeping habits. Board directors and officials for school systems can do something about the menus and the foods that are being served in the school. The breakfast and lunch menu is the cornerstone to better scores. A better school menu with more fruits and vegetables is going to be the thing that stimulates the learning process. Anyone that doesn’t realize this is just missing the one element that can turn everything around.

That is the reason that Michelle Obama has worked hard to push healthy eating. People that are not pushing for a healthier menu are depriving kids of what they really need to improve their learning process. The kids that are excelling in school are the ones that are giving their bodies the proper fuel.

August 10, 2017