12-Year-Old Gains Admission To Cornell University

It’s not every day that you see a young man barely middle school age already progress way beyond high school studies and become an early college enrollee, but that is exactly what Jeremy Shuler will be doing this fall according to Business Insider. Shuler has been so far ahead of his peers in studies that it’s already on to the next step in getting his college degree. The son of two parents whose careers are in the engineering field, Schuler plans to follow in their footsteps at one of the Ivy League’s most advanced programs at Cornell.

Schuler is not just an extremely bright young man, he’s also incredibly self-motivated and and driven to succeed. He may also be making a case for homeschooling as he’s been reared up by his parents and has shown nothing short of academic excellence. In fact he passed with incredible scores on all the college prep exams he’s taken and even has taken a few engineering-based courses in calculus and statistics. While there is no doubt about his academic excellence and early development, there may still be questions about how he will adjust to the new social life of college at such a young age.

Schuler says he’s visited Cornell several times and felt welcome there and said one of the most important things about the university is its food. He anticipates one of the biggest challenges will be just learning how to get around campus and perhaps connecting with others who haven’t been homeschooled, though he still is confident he will adust in time. But Schuler is looking to break the record of the youngest graduate in Cornell history by graduating at only age 16.

August 5, 2017

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