Stresses That Cause Teachers To Leave The Education Industry

There has been a thirty five percent reduction in the amount of high school graduates who are going on to receive higher education for the teaching industry. With the expected enrollment of students to continually rise and the disinterest of young adults to become educators there is going to be a supply and demand shortage within the education system. It has been reported that roughly eight percent of teachers leave the industry yearly. But what is causing this?

Some may argue that while teachers unions strike due to budget cuts, lack of pay increases and health care plan reduction that these are not the reasons at the core of the teachers leaving. Budget cuts for school districts does put an extra burden on teachers. Most teachers suppy their own class rooms out of their own pockets. Teachers purchase additional school supplies for students who parents may not be able to. They work more then a typical 8 hour day since they are also up late working on lesson plans and grading papers. Pay should definitely be a factor. While teachers are making barely enough to pay off their own student loans and get by they also have to fear about their health insurance. If worrying about health care and pay isn’t enough teachers also feel as though they do not have enough support. Veteran teachers should be recognized for their longevity within their districts and new teachers should be encourgaged. The honor of educating young minds should not be over looked and many teachers do not feel their administration and unions truely hear their concerns. For some children, their teacher is the most constant in their lives. They spend 8 hours a day with the same adult and that adults concerns should not be neglected.

August 7, 2017

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