Susan McGalla – Advising Women on How to Make it Big in the Corporate World

Susan McGalla is one of the most successful American Businesswomen based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has served as the president of a leading enterprise named American Eagler Outfitters Inc and has played a pivotal in the enhancement of the company’s brand image and turnover during her period. Moreover, Susan McGalla is also on the board of the prestigious publicly traded real estate firm named HFF Inc. Susan has been a trustee of the University of Pittsburgh in the past and currently serves as the director of the famous social welfare organization named Allegheny Conference on Community Development.

Susan McGalla started her career on a very simple note by joining a company called Joseph Home Company, where Susan served various roles in the marketing, branding, administration department for close to eight years. After leaving that job, Susan McGalla joined American Eagle Outfitters, where the revenue she helped the company earn brought her into the limelight. Moreover, the efforts made by Susan McGalla to improve and enhance the company’s market image were highly successful and noticed across the corporate world. Today, Susan McGalla is known as a creative genius in the world of marketing and branding, which are the two most important aspects that decide the fate of the company in this competitive market.

Susan McGalla is also often speaking about the women empowerment and has a lot of advice to give to the women who are looking forward to making a mark in the corporate sector. One of the first advice Susan McGalla gives is that the women should be focused on education from the very beginning and must plan their finances accordingly so that they can afford higher education later on. Education is important for the women to land a good job and put them in a position of growth. Susan McGalla said that the women should also make their presence felt at their workplace by achieving and exceeding the expectations of the employers.

She believes that it is only possible if the women are punctual, organized, and maintains a strict discipline. Susan says that discipline is highly essential in all the aspects of life to achieve huge success, and in the men dominated the corporate sector, it is even more important. Susan McGalla provided consultancy service to many industries through her consulting firm named P3 Executive Consulting. Susan is also the VP of Business Strategy and Creative Development at a famous American company called Pittsburgh Steelers.

August 8, 2017

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