Susan McGalla

Though it has been proven statistically that companies exhibiting an equalized staff perform better than others, high-profile companies still have a degree of hiring inequality. Companies that have given an effort to promoting women to important titles are 15% more likely to show increases in key growth factors. This is evidence that companies that are more open to diversity and new ideas often experience beneficial changes.Common testimonies from men and women who have succeeded in the business world include dedication to hard work. It doesn’t matter what type of social evolution takes place. The best way to achieve a higher position in a company is a strong work ethic. Though much progress is being made in the international business world to elevate women to higher status, these efforts are meaningless without the presence of women who have goals and peer support.It is very important that industries eliminate blocks for women who are advancing. This trend is meaningless however, if women are ill-equipped to take advantage of new opportunities. Women must be educated regarding the personal changes and attitudes that it takes to climb any corporate ladder. The way has been cleared, but women with their eyes on executive status must know how to intensify their levels of competition and executive strength.

A highly effective way executive women can learn new skills and professional approaches is with sponsorship. Mentoring is a powerful method for successful women to gain an even greater hold on corporate opportunities. Knowledge still is power, and women with knowledge regarding achievement have more power than ever to soar in a corporate environment.

Susan McGalla is a Philadelphia executive who understands the importance of having mentors. She has spent her life pursuing recognition in the corporate world, and has been quite successful. Her official titles range from clothing manufacturer representative, to the Vice President of Business Strategy and Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

McGalla’s strategies and advice are sought by both men and women, though she has a special personal concern for female equality in the workplace. Her personal beliefs include less reliance on government programs and initiatives for equality, and more concentration on woman-to-woman mentoring and education.

August 24, 2017

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