The Success of Fabletics

There is a high demand for workout clothing these days. It is shaping the landscape of the American people. Athleisure companies are doing well in the industry. There are new workout clothing companies that are popping out to take advantage of what is known to be fashionable and gold mine. There is a high generation of clients who prefer to spend their cash on clothes that reflect their fashion and lifestyle. The companies use new consumer technology to satisfy their clients.


Fabletics is a fashion company that is managed by Kate Hudson and Adam Goldenberg. Kate Hudson is a leading actress, and Adam Goldenberg is the founder of JustFab Company. Fabletics has become a champion in selling female workout clothing. The clients use costumes at the gym and still look great in them. Fabletics brand was developed online. It began as a digital platform that sold workout clothes to people using a distinct subscription-based model.


The subscription model is where the customers become VIP members. They get to purchase the costumes at lower costs as compared to clients who buy directly without becoming VIP members. VIP member pays a monthly subscription fee. They can buy any pair of costume at a flat price after paying a monthly subscription fee of $50.


Fabletics has bought $250 million and attracted more than one million subscribers. The company is following the footsteps of worldwide brands such as Amazon, Apple, and Warky Parky. Fabletics is the best company because it utilizes analytics to understand their clients and ways to deliver the clothing in time. Fabletics strive to outshine their competitors because they sell their outfits half the price of other companies.


The company intends to expand its physical stores by the end of this year. They will be opening more stores apart from the sixteen stores that are available in parts of California, Florida, Hawaii, and Illinois. Elements that are important to customers include experience, mile service, gamification, and exclusive design. The sales increased by 43 percent in 2016. Fabletics has attracted many followers on Twitter. They use existing trends to predict future demand with accuracy.


Kate Hudson is the CEO of Fabletics. She has mastered the knowledge of advertising her brands. Her main drive is to create a well fashionable and affordable workout clothing. Five main tips drive Kate Hudson. The first tip to the success of her brands is to identify marketing opportunities. Kate recognizes that many people struggle with health. She designed clothes that are fashionable and fun. They inspire many people to work out more.


The second recipe is staying hands on. Kate Hudson knows the brands that move faster and those that move slowly. She launches different collections weekly. She also relies on data to make good decisions. Kate Hudson advises customers to take a quick quiz. The data that is found is used by Fabletics to create new models and determine the prices. Kate Hudson believes in herself. She takes many risks to the success of the company.

August 28, 2017

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