Troy McQuagge, an Exemplary CEO

The post of Chief Executive Officer in any organization holds a special significance. This post requires a lot of dedication, hard work and right decisions for the organization for its growth and prosperity. Troy McQuagge knows the importance of being a Chief Executive Officer pretty well.



His sincerity towards his organization has proven beneficial not only for his company but also for himself as he received the award of CEO of the Year by One Planet Awards. This award is recognized internationally for capable CEOs and people in businesses who are successfully running them. One Planet Awards pays homage to hard working and competent individuals belonging to various fields and choose the winners through various categories based on how qualified they are in their businesses and how skilled they are to run their companies.



Troy is the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group. This company deals with providing health insurances to people. Its headquarter is located in Ft. Worth, Texas. It provides health insurances to small time business owners, small industries, entrepreneurs and individual households. He has been serving as CEO of USHEALTH Group for almost three years. Since, his appointment to the position of CEO, he has helped the organization to achieve huge success through his wise decisions. This company is now among one of the top health insurance providers in the country. The credit for this reputation of the company goes to Troy.



Troy has proven to be a competent and highly skilled individual not only by heading this company but also gaining a lot of success in the past. He has won numerous honors and awards. His exceptional work at this company has gained him a lot of respect and fame. He has also won prestigious awards like Most Innovtive CEO of the Year by CEO World Awards and the award for Sales Growth Achievement of the Year by the Stevie Awards. He told the press after receiving these awards that he felt honored to get these. He gave the credit to his workers of the company who have worked with sheer dedication to bring success to this company. The workforce of the company is extremely important for an organization’s success. Troy has always proven to be a source of inspiration for his employees. He has motivated his employees to work harder for the prosperity of the company.



As a Chief Executive Officer of the USHEALTH Group, he aims to maintain the higher standard of the company and to keep his name among top health insurance companies of the country. His vast experience and commitment to his work has proven to be a stepping stone for his company. He wants his employees to work with full zeal and zest for the success of company.

September 1, 2017

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