Betsy DeVos and Educational Reform

Betsy DeVos is a born leader, who has been in governance posts since her days in school. Although she held these posts in elementary school as well as high school, Betsy developed better leadership ability in college, where she vied for many political posts and helped transform the Michigan University. Although stern and tough, Betsy was a darling to many students for she made the administration make changes that helped the students enjoy better services. To the present day, Betsy has held the leadership acumen, as she holds many political and non-political posts in various parties and organizations. Betsy is married to Dick DeVos and together they have 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

Betsy says that her main aspiration is to leave America better than she found it. Consequently, she engages in ventures that help develop and advance the course of affairs in America. Case in point, she says that her current interest is education reform, whereby she wants to see the less privileged children receive a good education just like the privileged. Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick DeVos say that the American education system limits the kids from the Wrong Zip Codes by not giving them the opportunity to attain the American dream.

According to Betsy, she and her husband once attended a function at Potters House School, which is owned by Bishop Jakes, and realized that many parents preferred to put their kids through the school, albeit it was more expensive than the public schools. These parents claimed that the new system offered their kids safer learning environments and helped them develop faster than the public schools. Still, Betsy and Dick noticed that the fees in these schools were higher and the parents could hardly afford to pay. Nevertheless, these parents opted to struggle through raising the fees than put their kids through the unpromising public schools. Since Betsy and Dick DeVos were then a young couple, they also decided to put their kids through the Charter and Voucher School System for better results. Additionally, they decided to help in paying fees for some of the kids through the school. Ever since that time, the couple has always supported kids in the Potters House School and other Voucher and Charter schools. Betsy posits that many parents are moving their kids from the public school system to the new private sector. Last year, she said 40, 000 kids made such transfers because of the better options offered in the new schools. Betsy also said that she was enthusiastic that more parents would transfer their kids to the schools and that the children would become more responsible and educated citizens. who can achieve the American dream without hindrances. When the above is achieved, Betsy says that generations will be empowered.


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September 10, 2017

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