Kevin Seawright Brings Positive Change to Newark

Kevin Seawright has done some great things for New Jersey. He is part of the team at hand when it comes to handling physical matters for Newark. He has definitely been able to provide a lot of interesting changes for the financial structure of Brick City.

The thing that Kevin Seawright has been called upon to do is make things better for community development.

As a Chief Financial Officer he has the ability to look at the money that is coming into Newark and see where it can be utilized for better development when it comes to small business and luring in new talent from surrounding areas.

Kevin Seawright is definitely making some positive changes in Newark, and people are encouraged by the role that he has taken as the Chief Financial Officer over the community development in Newark.

Kevin has proven himself to be a very good steward over finances for different organizations, and he has a tremendous amount of skills in budgeting.

He has worked as a financial manager in college settings, and he has also worked for the government and controlled a budget in this area as well. This has made him one of the most sought-after financial leaders in New Jersey.

He definitely has a lot of experience, and this type of experience allows him to make a lot of positive changes in the community.

He has made a lot of plans to bring people to Newark, but his biggest challenge may be keeping people that grew up in New York in place to hold positions in their native city. Learn more about Kevin Seawright: Newark economic development group names CFO

She knows that this may be a big challenge, and he has put his mind towards helping these people by providing them with access to opportunities to get jobs early.

There are a lot of summer workers that are benefiting from what he is doing when it comes to creating summer jobs. This is all part of his plan to make the Newark community better. He has a lot of goals, and he is trying to make Newark a much more attractive city to work in.

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September 13, 2017

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