Vincent Parascandola leading AXA Advisors

Vincent Parascandola currently works at AXA Advisors as the Senior Executive Vice President. In his role, Vincent is responsible for management development, sales, recruiting, productivity, retention, as well as the development of experienced and new financial professionals.

Parascandola is an experienced professional who began his career in the advisory industry over twenty-five years ago. His first position was in 1987 working for Prudential as an agent. While at Prudential, he was awarded the National Rookie of the year.

In 1990, Vincent Parascandola joined the MONY Life Insurance Company where he held multiple regional and local management positions, reveals He joined the AXA Advisors Company in 2004. Before assuming the current role, Vincent served as The Advantage Group’s president.

The Advantage Group is an arm of the AXA Equitable which was created with the role of attracting seasoned financial professionals. He was also the co-manager of New York branch of The Advantage Group. The branch has about 400 financial professionals.

AXA Advisors is a global brand that is recognized and loved for its excellent services. The company was started in 1816 in Paris, France as Mutuelle de L’assurance center L’incendie. Since then, the company has changed its name severally. It has offices across the world including the Middle East, Africa, North America, as well as Western Europe.

Because of his impressive leadership abilities, Vincent Parascandola has been awarded multiple management awards. These awards include the Mater Agency and Career Development awards by GAMA. During the national LAMP Meeting organized by GAMA, Vincent is among the most sought-after individuals.

As a keynote speaker, Vincent Parascandola has spoken in several industry and company conferences around the world. Previously, Vincent was the President of GAMA the Florida chapter. It is also worth noting that he was also a former LIMRA’s president for the Field Officers Committee.

He has distinguished himself as a professional who works with High Net Worth individuals. He has been significant in AXA’s success. He enjoys respect from his peers for his achievements besides his promotion. He helps high net worth individuals to make the right decisions concerning their wealth.

Mr. Parascandola attended the Pace University in New York earning a Bachelor of Science degree. Recently, he gave a commencement speech at the same university during the graduation of 2014 class.

Vincent Parascandola views financial security as an important component of stable families and society. He is active in social media including Facebook, Vimeo and Twitter often giving updates of where he will be and where he will make appearances or give a talk in the future. Currently, Vincent lives in New York City.

September 26, 2017

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