A Dominating Woman In Business – Susan McGalla

Born in Ohio, Susan McGalla is one of the most successful businesswomen in the United States. The most notable position she held was the President of American Eagle Outfitters, a company that brings in over $3 billion in revenue every year.

McGalla obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing from the Mount Union College. She joined American Eagle Outfitters in 1994, after leaving her managerial position with Joseph Horne Company, whom she spent 8 years with. Of course, McGalla did not become the president upon entry, but she started working as a divisional merchandise buyer. Hard work and progress of her department helped her move up the chain, and eventually, she became the chief merchandising officer for the entire corporation.

After parting ways with American Eagle, this entrepreneur found her home in Wet Seal, Inc. Working as a CEO of this clothing company enabled McGalla to further expand her resume with another upper-management position.

McGalla has always been aware of gender discrimination in business, as she is one of only a handful female leaders around the nation. Since she grew up with two brothers and a father who was a football coach, she learned how to overcome issues arising from her “gender”. This helped her achieve a great success over a 30-year-long career that is still active.

Besides everything aforementioned, McGalla also worked as Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburg Steelers, one of the most successful NFL teams ever. This organization has won the most Superbowl rings ever and achieving a high-management position with them put McGalla on a level above all of her competitors in business.

Even though the Susan McGalla’s portfolio is miles along and filled with prominent positions, she considers her most important achievement to be helping women in business. From her humble beginnings in the great state of Ohio, she was able to get a respectable education, work for large corporations, and lead a lot of them.

Undoubtedly, the career of this entrepreneur is one of the most versatile careers the world has seen. Started in the clothing industry at a low management position and arose all the way to the top, McGalla was a leader of a multi-billion dollar operation. Additionally, she had a chance to work in the sports industry for one of the most successful NFL teams. All of that, while staying family oriented and being a mother!

October 13, 2017

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