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Talkspace Therapy

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Talkspace is a text message based way of doing therapy. Usually, a service employee with Talkspace will begin by greeting you and asking you a few basic questions. Then, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire that will help them better understand the problems you wish to resolve. Based on your questionnaire, employees will find you a specialist to help you with the specific topic you are dealing with. Personal therapists on Talkspace are able to provide thoughtful, powerful suggestions to problems, as they are experienced in the area. As many people know, technology is greatly changing the way we live. Access to books and questions that would haven taken hours to find in the past are now at the tip of our fingers. Thanks to a recent South Korean study, so is therapy. With high rates of depressed people being on the internet, Talkspace has made therapy available online. Additionally, people who don’t have the hours to go talk to a therapist in person can use this as an alternative and seek help from home. Talkspace allegedly has over 500,000 active users being helped by over 1,000 specialists. Text message based therapy is also much cheaper than going to an actual therapist. For only $32 a week, someone has the ability to talk to a specialist each day. Traditional therapists charge hundreds of dollars per hour and require you to be somewhere, which is just too much of a hassle. Many believe this alternative is a great idea and will open up the option for many people to seek help. The number of teens with mental issues is on the rise, and anything that could help them could make a great impact on the world we live in.

November 26, 2017

George Soros Gives Back to the Community through Financial Giving

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According to the Open Society Foundations, George Soros gave a cash donation of $18 billion to the organization in 2017 to help in the running of the foundations’ agendas around the globe. This has seen the Open Society Foundations fight for many people around the globe who lacks the freedom of expression and fair justice systems. The foundations have also been able to meet the school fees requirements for many students enrolled in their programs who can’t afford college fees but shows promising academic performances. The donation has also been used to fight for individuals facing various discriminations globally. Overall, George Soros has helped various vulnerable members of the community. Majority of them include sex workers, drug users, and disaster-hit individuals.

George Soros Philanthropy Journey

The Hungarian-born George Soros hasn’t had an easy run. He was lucky to survive the terrible Nazi Occupation Massacre which claimed the lives of over 500,000 Jews. Since then, Soros swore to help the suffering members of the society. He left Budapest for London in 1947 and did a number of odd jobs to pay for his college education at the London School of Economics. After graduation, he moved to the US and entered into the Hedge Fund industry. He created his first hedge fund organization in 1970, and used some of the gains to establish the Open Society Foundations. The group offers charity to over 100 countries around the globe. In 1979, Mr. Soros was involved in the provision of scholarship programs to black South Africans. This was during the Apartheid Era and a majority of the students got to study despite the tension. In the 1980s, George Soros decided to give back to his native society. He funded academic projects that saw a number of Hungarians moving to the West.

Following the disruption of the Berlin Wall, George Soros founded the Central European University to promote critical thinking among the youth. After the Cold War, he managed to expand his philanthropy works into Latin America, Asia, and the United States.Other beneficiaries from George Soros soft side of financial giving include Global Witness, the Institute for New Economic Thinking, the European Council on Foreign Relations, and the International Crisis Group. In looking at Soros’s philanthropy works, one thing is clear about his legacy: his commitment and dedication to fighting the most challenging issues in the world are unquestionable. George has always insisted on the importance of handling all situations that appear difficult. According to him, all hard situations can be made light if handled with collective care and love. He believes in the spirit of providing opportunities to all through financial giving.


Overall, George Soros contributions to the Open Society Foundations amount to more than $30 billion since its founding. The $18 billion given by George in 2017 to the foundations highlights the epitome of his generosity, and will to help the less privileged. Mr. Soros continues to touch and change lives globally. He is an established investor with a soft side; a trait rarely found.

November 25, 2017

Success Marks the Career of Michel Rodrigo as a Rally Driver

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At 40 years of age, Michel Terpins is a renowned rally driver in Brazil who hails from Sao Paulo. He races for Bull Sertoes Rally Team with his 37-year-old navigator, Justo. As the current leading team in this year’s edition of Sertoes Rally, their mission is to emerge victorious in the overall competition. After finishing the fourth and fifth stage of this year’s Sertoes Rally edition, Michel Terpins regards this as one of his admirable achievements.

Michel Terpins has been in rally driving for close to 15 years after making his debut in motorcycle category in 2000. Later on, Michel Terpins joined his brother Rodrigo Terpins in cars category as his navigator. Over the past few years, Michel has quickly become a rally pilot powerhouse. His navigator, Maykel Justo who has immense experience in Sertoes Rally hails from Taubate, Sao Paulo. Together they have won four Sertoes Rally titles.

Driven by their passion for off-road and speed driving, Michel Terpins teamed up with his older brother Rodrigo Terpins to form Bull Sertoes Rally Team, a renowned rally team in Brazil. Since its launch last year, Bull Sertoes Team has quickly grown on board with T-Rex. In fact, it is expected to be one of the fierce competitive rally teams in Brazil. Sponsors of Bull Sertoes Rally team include MEM support team, Terpins & Cintra Advogados, Motul, Eventos, and Ohlins. ‘

Michel Terpins and his older brother Rodrigo Terpins has been racing on board T-Rex in the last four seasons. T-Rex has undergone a robust engine modification. It uses a V8 engine which uses ethanol. Some of the competitions that the two brothers have participated include Mitsubishi cup, the Sertoes Rally, and Brazilian Cross-Country Championship. He marks his 10th participation the Sertoes Rally in this year’s edition. It is also his second consecutive year racing on board T-Rex in the T1 Prototype category. Michel Terpins are currently leading in the fifth stage of Sertoes Rally with 5h 26 min 01 sec after 666.01 km. They remain fourth overall after the fifth stage with a total of 21h 18m 40 sec.

November 25, 2017

Anthony Petrello: The Motivation to Overcome Obstacles

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Hardships can either shape or break someone. The decision to turn a hardship into a valuable experience is all dependent on one’s mindset. For Anthony Petrello and his wife Cynthia, their daughter’s diagnosis with neurological disorder did not deter them from leading a normal life. In fact, the experience inspired them to support others with similar problems. Born at 24 weeks weighing one and a quarter pounds, the Petrello daughter changed her parent’s view on things that are times taken for granted.

Initially, Anthony has to overcome the difficulties of finding a treatment center that would provide quality care for his differently abled daughter. For Tony, the lack of a brain research facility for children frustrated him. Rather than drown in his frustrations, he decided to use the challenge as an opportunity to make advancements in the area. Even the research available on neurological diseases in children was not sufficient. Tony also realized the shortages in information on DNA arithmetic. Eventually, Tony Petrello found helpful resources at the Texas Children’s Hospital. Tony saw the potential the hospital had in exploring and tackling neurological conditions in children. In 2006, he committed $ 7 million to the Hospital’s Pediatric center project. Anthony hopes the center will help change the outcomes for many children as well as the quality of care.

Even in his life, Anthony Petrello understands the value of overcoming obstacles. The CEO of Nabors Industries did not have it all when growing up. As young boy residing in Newark, Tony chose to see beyond the problems. He honed his passions and abilities in math while attending a public school. After high school, Yale University offered him a full scholarship to study mathematics. Also, Serge Lang, a renowned mathematician would mentor him through the campus years. Tony earned a BS and MS in mathematics from the university. Afterwards, he pursued further education at the Harvard School of Law earning a J.D. Before Nabors Industries he practiced law at Baker & McKenzie and rose to become a managing partner.

At Nabors, Tony has steered the company to register success and growth over the years. Petrello’s expertise helped the company in managing financial and legal aspects including the company’s taxes as well as making strategic decisions about offshoring. During his tenure, the Nabors share price increased by 180%. Nabors Industries specializes in the oil and gas drilling and has operations in 25 countries.

Anthony Petrello also established an endowment in his alma mater to owner his professor. Though people may recognize him as one of the highest paid CEOs, Anthony Petrello’s journey to success is that of hope, perseverance, determination, and discipline.

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November 21, 2017

Ricardo Tosto Unique Skills in the Brazilian Law Industry

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Brazil law and lawyers also work to protect the rights and freedoms of the society. High-end professionalism is required for one to be a lawyer in Brazil because its legal system is not simple to navigate. The Brazilian constitution which contains all the laws was created in 1988, and thus many people are interested in learning about it as it has only served for two decades.

Brazilian lawyers averagely start their career at 23 years after five to six years of law school and internship. Certified and licensed attorneys in Brazil are those who have successfully passed their Brazilian Bar Exam like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Reports show that by 2011, Brazil had 675,845 lawyers legally certified. After being licensed, the lawyers can work in any field of interest like contract law, tax law, litigation or class actions among others.

Brazil law firms are of different capacities with largest ones such as TozziniFreire and Pinheiro Neto having an average of 500 lawyers. In Brazil lawyers who work in corporations are categorized into three groups which include interns, partners or associates. Many Brazilian lawyers such as Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho are qualified and have won a significant number of cases.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a Brazilian lawyer who was born on March 11, 1963. He studied at the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie where he graduated with a law degree. Moreover, Ricardo studied at Fundacao Armando Alvares Pentedao where he received a Masters in Business Administration.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho advocated for many Brazilian and international groups, organizations and also for politicians. Ricardo is a partner of the Leite office, Tosto and Barros Advogados, a certified law firm headquartered in Sao Paulo which is ranked among the top ten largest in Brazil. The firm specializes in business law and delivers legal support for industries. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is passionate about protecting Brazilians and saving businesses.

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November 21, 2017

New Products From Lime Crime

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Just when you thought Lime Crime Cosmetics had take the purple and pink punk-infused cosmetics world as far as it could possibly go, this edgy and inventive makeup line sparks another revolution in the world of unicorns. That’s right, this online makeup company started by Internet innovator Doe Deere, is back with more looks for fashion-forward women who really love to take their look into fabulousness overdrive.

This, of course, is the trendy cosmetics company that uses the unicorn as its symbol. And now this cosmetics innovator has a Unicorn Hair Collection, for women who want to rock incredible hair colors that push things out to the very edge of punk and pretty fashion.

The Unicorn Hair Color Revolution

The Unicorn Hair Color line was first brought onto the market back in April, with 13 fabulous colors in its all Vegan, semi-permanent hair color line. These gorgeous colors look amazing, and they are easy to use too. The first colors in the hair color line ranged from deep mauve all the way to minty green, so the line has included something for just about every kind of woman.

Anyone who knows about the Lime Crime makeup line, however, knows that pushing the envelope is what it’s all about. This always innovative, Vegan and cruelty-free company does like to stay on the creative edge,

When the Unicorn Hair Color line was first introduced, the shades were all quite bright and of course quite beautiful. Now, however, Lime Crime is adding to the excitement of this color line with special shades that are dark and dangerously intense. These shades are fantastic for women with dark brunette hair, and they go on wonderfully. The new shades include Chestnut (dark maroon), Squid (deep purple), Charcoal (gray), and Sea Witch (deep green).

These beautiful new colors add a whole new dimension to the LimeCrime line, so there’s no question that dark-haired beauties will be clamoring for them!

November 21, 2017

Greg Secker Leads The Foregn Exchange Market Trade

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The recent rise and fall in the value of currencies in the foreign exchange market has made investing attractive and profitable. Greg Secker; a forex trader, defined forex as the foreign exchange markets involving 24 hours a day and 5.5 days a week exchange of international currencies without a centralized exchange. In forex, trading is based on the probability of falling or rising in a currency’s value compared to another currency. It has become popular due to the great turmoil that has lead to instability and unpredictability of the world’s economy. The rising inflation results in wage growth stagnation making the stock market trade unpredictable, yet it attracts investors to the forex market.

One doesn’t need inmate talents or a mathematical mind to succeed in the forex market. Due to forex technological advancement, software provided over the internet can be used to navigate. This can help minimize the uncertainties involved. Forex is easy to start, has demos that provide opportunities to practice, is popular, flexible and can be traded anywhere and at any time. However, one needs to analyze the navigation software before application and keep emotions out of the trade. Therefore, one should set his ambition and be realistic.

The master trader and entrepreneur, Greg Secker, was born in England. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural and Food Sciences from the University of Nottingham. He served as a Trading Technologist at yet another company; Thomas Cook Financial Services and established the currently used forex system. He later rose to be of Mellon Financial Corporation’s Vice President where he learnt about the best financial traders in the forex industry. Additionally, he became a major Fortune-500 Investment Bank and worked with the world’s best traders.

In 2003, Mr. Secker began mentoring services upon retiring from Mellon Financial Corporation. He founded the Knowledge Action Group that has branches across the world and provides trading technology and software. He also founded the Gred Secker Foundation with the motive of providing programs that teaches leadership skills and improve education opportunities to the needy youths.

November 20, 2017

Susan McGalla; Leader and Role Model for Women Across the World

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Females in the workplace experience a multitude of difficulties associated with attaining notable corporate positions within their companies. In this male dominated world, it is encouraging to see admirable women like Susan Mcgalla, who has dedicated her life to assisting ladies across the country with a strong example of a female leader. She stands as confident women, who can be considered by many, to be a prominent figure and role model for other ladies also looking to achieve corporate success.

Susan gives much credit for her achievements to her upbringing, which she believes played a vital role in helping her learn the skills and techniques needed to work with members of both genders. She grew up alongside her two brothers, and was raised primarily by her father, a dedicated local football coach. During her childhood, her family members did not treat her any differently due to her being a female, and instead pushed and encouraged her to succeed just the same as anybody else. She was taught the important quality of knowing how to work diligently, in order to achieve her wants, needs, and desires. She has since continued to draw from these helpful experiences, and in doing so, has generated an enormous level of success for her and her household.

Susan McGalla has had an incredible level of notable success that should be a monument of encouragement and a symbol of hope for women planning to pursue a career in the tough, male-dominated corporate world. Men running the workplace has been a common issue for many decades that has often gone unaddressed or has been brushed under the rug. In this progressive era, there are a number of groups, networks, and communities of women, striving to live out the example Susan has set in place for them. These networks assist females across the country by providing them with a safe and healthy environment, where they can freely express themselves and share their thoughts. These communities not only give women an innovative audience to grow with, but they are also provided women with the encouragement and confidence needed to conquer their business endeavors.

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November 14, 2017

Sahm Adrangi raises $100 million to Short one Stock

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Sahm Adrangi, a hedge fund manager at Kerrisdale capital, raised $100 million from investors to short a stock listed on the New York exchange. The public company has not yet unveiled. The company was said to be worth over 10 billion, and Kerrisdale was still building his case to get everyone onboard before revealing to the public its findings. The fund had already started acquiring stock in the company to establish position. Sahm Adrangi has an established track record of taking short positions against companies before taking his extensive research public in a form of hedge fund activism.

Sahm Adrangi, chief investment officer and founder at Kerrisdale capital, has built a reputation exposing fraudulent activity on companies listed on the New York stock exchange. His strategy involves conducting extensive research on the companies, taking short positions on them before publicly publishing his research. This hedge fund strategy has consequently grown Kerrisdale Capital from a USD 1 million to over USD 150 million hedge fund as at July of 2017. Mr. Adrangi’s published research seeks to inform the market about misconceptions on listed companies.

Sahm Adrangi has a record of publishing research that crippled dozens of companies on the New York Stock Exchange. He has since focused his strategy on specific sectors where he has developed in-depth industry knowledge including drug markers; Sage therapeutics, Zafgen, Bavarian Nordic, and Unilife. He has also published research in the mining sector, where he questioned market valuations of First Majestic Silver and Northern Dynasty Minerals by evaluating their fundamentals and assessing their market viability. The telecommunications sector has also peeked his interest where he has shared his views on Globalstar, Dish Network, Straight Path Communications and VIaSAT INC.

Ardragi Started his financial career at Deutsche Bank credit where he helped structure high leveraged bank debt and high yield bonds. He also worked in Chanin Capital Partnershe helped advise creditor committees in out of court bankruptcy restructuring. Sahm Adrangi also spent several years as an analyst at Longacre Management.

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November 13, 2017

Social and Political Orgainzations are Important for the Rights of All People

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Many people might not think about this, but social organizations are a necessary element within modern societies. The reason why they are so crucial has to do with rights and freedoms. Strange as this might seem, all societies exploit members that are not a part of the mainstream. While on the surface this might seem like it is unjust, it is not.

The fact is that not everyone will receive the best treatment and advantages within a society. For example, wealthy people will generally make the rules for society and things within that society. Political figures can make laws that can favor a particular social class and policies can be made that will specifically work against a minority group.

So, social organizations are very important within society. Social organizations help to keep balance and fairness. They help to keep poor people from starving by providing them with extra food. They can help end racial prejudice against a minority group by advocating for laws and reform. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

They can also help unrepresented members within a society (such as immigrants) to have proper legal support and financial backing. The point is that social organizations provide these services and lot more benefits.

The Frontera Fund was created in 2007 by Michael Larkin and Jim Lacey. They created this fund as a means to help immigrants and racial minorities within the state of Arizona. The fund is used to provide support to social and political organizations that work for the civil, social and human rights of these groups.

Larkin and Lacey wants everyone to benefit from this fund. While it is designed to empower the immigrant and migrant community within Arizona, it is also used for just about anyone whose civil, social and human rights have been violated.

Many organizations in Arizona rely on the Frontera Fund for support. They know that they need funding to actively campaign and to push for change. The funds are used for activities related to helping various minority people to change and to improve the quality of their lives.

Civil, social and migrant groups want to ensure that people get treated as fair as possible. They know that there are people who can easily be exploited with very little effort. Governments typically create situations where people’s rights are hampered. However, individuals can be just as bad.

Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio is an example of an individual who made it a point to easily violate the rights immigrants and migrants. Through his corrupt actions, Michael Larking and Jim Lacey were able to gain millions to start the Frontera Fund.

People’s rights are crucial to survival and living the best life possible. Social and political organizations that work toward this end are doing society a great justice by providing services which will help to change things for the better.

November 13, 2017