The Growing Popularity of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

When Amazon continues to expand their business each year, they leave in their wake hundreds of clothing retailers that just can not seem to compete with the giant. Amazon is not messing around in the fashion e-commerce market, having crushed their closest competitor by selling in excess of 20 percent of all sales for the year. Now all of a sudden you have a company selling women’s active-wear that is rattle Amazon’s cage. In only the last three years, when you look at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics numbers you discover they have already sold $250 million of women’s workout clothing.


What is it that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is doing differently than the rest of the thousands of clothing competitors in this niche.


Ask Hudson about her success with this clothing brand and her answer is nothing too spectacular. She surprises most by talking about reverse showrooming and membership benefits as the keys to the eventual success of this athleisure brand. These are definitely not new sales techniques for apparel sellers, but Hudson has discovered a unique way to capitalize in a way that is bringing in revenues in record numbers each year. Look at what is actually going on inside the local Kate Hudson’s Fabletics store at the mall. Women window-shopping, taking Lifestyle Quizzes, trying on active-war, and many leaving empty-handed.


How does leaving the store without buying help the bottom line of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics? The secret may surprise those who haven’t shopped here.


the real secret is what happens after these shoppers make their way through their day. At a time more convenient for them, they visit the Fabletics retail store and they discover that their selections at the mall are already in their cart. Knowing this in advance, now these ladies have the chance to come back when their day is less stressful, so they can just pick up where they lest off.


Once the women return to the online store, they can search for new releases or colors they may not already own. In addition to this convenience, these members are also getting their own Kate Hudson’s Fabletics personal shopper, free shipping, and discounts on all the merchandise both online and in the mall. This is something many female shoppers are not used to, because at Amazon you take a guess on sizes and hope for the best or ship it back until you get it right.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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November 7, 2017

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