Social and Political Orgainzations are Important for the Rights of All People

Many people might not think about this, but social organizations are a necessary element within modern societies. The reason why they are so crucial has to do with rights and freedoms. Strange as this might seem, all societies exploit members that are not a part of the mainstream. While on the surface this might seem like it is unjust, it is not.

The fact is that not everyone will receive the best treatment and advantages within a society. For example, wealthy people will generally make the rules for society and things within that society. Political figures can make laws that can favor a particular social class and policies can be made that will specifically work against a minority group.

So, social organizations are very important within society. Social organizations help to keep balance and fairness. They help to keep poor people from starving by providing them with extra food. They can help end racial prejudice against a minority group by advocating for laws and reform. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

They can also help unrepresented members within a society (such as immigrants) to have proper legal support and financial backing. The point is that social organizations provide these services and lot more benefits.

The Frontera Fund was created in 2007 by Michael Larkin and Jim Lacey. They created this fund as a means to help immigrants and racial minorities within the state of Arizona. The fund is used to provide support to social and political organizations that work for the civil, social and human rights of these groups.

Larkin and Lacey wants everyone to benefit from this fund. While it is designed to empower the immigrant and migrant community within Arizona, it is also used for just about anyone whose civil, social and human rights have been violated.

Many organizations in Arizona rely on the Frontera Fund for support. They know that they need funding to actively campaign and to push for change. The funds are used for activities related to helping various minority people to change and to improve the quality of their lives.

Civil, social and migrant groups want to ensure that people get treated as fair as possible. They know that there are people who can easily be exploited with very little effort. Governments typically create situations where people’s rights are hampered. However, individuals can be just as bad.

Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio is an example of an individual who made it a point to easily violate the rights immigrants and migrants. Through his corrupt actions, Michael Larking and Jim Lacey were able to gain millions to start the Frontera Fund.

People’s rights are crucial to survival and living the best life possible. Social and political organizations that work toward this end are doing society a great justice by providing services which will help to change things for the better.

November 13, 2017

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