Susan McGalla; Leader and Role Model for Women Across the World

Females in the workplace experience a multitude of difficulties associated with attaining notable corporate positions within their companies. In this male dominated world, it is encouraging to see admirable women like Susan Mcgalla, who has dedicated her life to assisting ladies across the country with a strong example of a female leader. She stands as confident women, who can be considered by many, to be a prominent figure and role model for other ladies also looking to achieve corporate success.

Susan gives much credit for her achievements to her upbringing, which she believes played a vital role in helping her learn the skills and techniques needed to work with members of both genders. She grew up alongside her two brothers, and was raised primarily by her father, a dedicated local football coach. During her childhood, her family members did not treat her any differently due to her being a female, and instead pushed and encouraged her to succeed just the same as anybody else. She was taught the important quality of knowing how to work diligently, in order to achieve her wants, needs, and desires. She has since continued to draw from these helpful experiences, and in doing so, has generated an enormous level of success for her and her household.

Susan McGalla has had an incredible level of notable success that should be a monument of encouragement and a symbol of hope for women planning to pursue a career in the tough, male-dominated corporate world. Men running the workplace has been a common issue for many decades that has often gone unaddressed or has been brushed under the rug. In this progressive era, there are a number of groups, networks, and communities of women, striving to live out the example Susan has set in place for them. These networks assist females across the country by providing them with a safe and healthy environment, where they can freely express themselves and share their thoughts. These communities not only give women an innovative audience to grow with, but they are also provided women with the encouragement and confidence needed to conquer their business endeavors.

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November 14, 2017

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