New Products From Lime Crime

Just when you thought Lime Crime Cosmetics had take the purple and pink punk-infused cosmetics world as far as it could possibly go, this edgy and inventive makeup line sparks another revolution in the world of unicorns. That’s right, this online makeup company started by Internet innovator Doe Deere, is back with more looks for fashion-forward women who really love to take their look into fabulousness overdrive.

This, of course, is the trendy cosmetics company that uses the unicorn as its symbol. And now this cosmetics innovator has a Unicorn Hair Collection, for women who want to rock incredible hair colors that push things out to the very edge of punk and pretty fashion.

The Unicorn Hair Color Revolution

The Unicorn Hair Color line was first brought onto the market back in April, with 13 fabulous colors in its all Vegan, semi-permanent hair color line. These gorgeous colors look amazing, and they are easy to use too. The first colors in the hair color line ranged from deep mauve all the way to minty green, so the line has included something for just about every kind of woman.

Anyone who knows about the Lime Crime makeup line, however, knows that pushing the envelope is what it’s all about. This always innovative, Vegan and cruelty-free company does like to stay on the creative edge,

When the Unicorn Hair Color line was first introduced, the shades were all quite bright and of course quite beautiful. Now, however, Lime Crime is adding to the excitement of this color line with special shades that are dark and dangerously intense. These shades are fantastic for women with dark brunette hair, and they go on wonderfully. The new shades include Chestnut (dark maroon), Squid (deep purple), Charcoal (gray), and Sea Witch (deep green).

These beautiful new colors add a whole new dimension to the LimeCrime line, so there’s no question that dark-haired beauties will be clamoring for them!

November 21, 2017

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