Talkspace Therapy

Talkspace is a text message based way of doing therapy. Usually, a service employee with Talkspace will begin by greeting you and asking you a few basic questions. Then, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire that will help them better understand the problems you wish to resolve. Based on your questionnaire, employees will find you a specialist to help you with the specific topic you are dealing with. Personal therapists on Talkspace are able to provide thoughtful, powerful suggestions to problems, as they are experienced in the area. As many people know, technology is greatly changing the way we live. Access to books and questions that would haven taken hours to find in the past are now at the tip of our fingers. Thanks to a recent South Korean study, so is therapy. With high rates of depressed people being on the internet, Talkspace has made therapy available online. Additionally, people who don’t have the hours to go talk to a therapist in person can use this as an alternative and seek help from home. Talkspace allegedly has over 500,000 active users being helped by over 1,000 specialists. Text message based therapy is also much cheaper than going to an actual therapist. For only $32 a week, someone has the ability to talk to a specialist each day. Traditional therapists charge hundreds of dollars per hour and require you to be somewhere, which is just too much of a hassle. Many believe this alternative is a great idea and will open up the option for many people to seek help. The number of teens with mental issues is on the rise, and anything that could help them could make a great impact on the world we live in.

November 26, 2017

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