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New Utah Budget to Allocate Billions for Education

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Governor Gary Herbert of Utah is planning a new budget that would spend nine billion dollars a year on education. The state is expecting to receive an extra three hundred and eighty two million dollars in tax revenue next year, and Governor Herbert wants to use the opportunity to help out students. Seventy two percent of that extra money will go towards education. The entire budget for next year, according to Governor Herbert’s plan, amounts to 16.7 billion dollars. He will give extra money to districts that have more kids who are at risk of academic failure.

It is not just traditional colleges and elementary schools that Governor Herbert wants to help. He plans on spending seven million dollars to help out vocational schools and trade schools. Utah is experiencing problems with its workforce and labor rate.

Governor Herbert explained that by going to trade school, students can spend less time in school, spend less money, and go into less debt and still be able to advance their lives and get a good career. He said he is calling next year The Year of Technical College Education.

He is not the only one to do so. Republicans in Congress have been working on a higher education bill that would reform the federal aid system to provide more aid to trade schools and vocational schools.

December 31, 2017

Higher Education Act Finalized

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There are many people in the United States who feel like the education industry should be improved. One of the biggest issues with the current education environment is the cost of college. Few people have the ability to pay for college without taking on massive student loans.

The Higher Education Act has been finalized by Republican leaders. This is a bill that will help reduce the overall cost of education for students. Some people are concerned that the details in the bill do not seem to explain how it will help students with the cost of college.

Student Loans

Student loans are the most common way to pay for college today. The average college student is graduating with record levels of student loan debt. Although borrowing money for college is not a bad thing, there are many students who end up borrowing too much money.

To make things worse, the job market for new graduates has not been strong. There are many college graduates who have trouble landing a job in their field. This results in young people who have debt without a high income to pay it down.

This new education act will have to be passed in both houses of Congress. It will be interesting to see how much the bill changes between now and the time it passes. Everyone agrees that the overall education system needs to be changed. However, few people actually agree on what needs to change to help improve things for college students.

December 30, 2017

Cassio Audi: The Legendary Metal Rock Drummer

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Cassio Audi started his music career when he was a teenager in the 1980s. He was one of the founding members of the renowned Viper Rock Band. The band began their music in 1985 and Cassio Audi was a very incredible instrumentalist in his role with the drum. The legendary musician helped the band rise to an iconic heavy metal band in Brazil.

Cassio Audi’s Music Performance

Audi’s early career in music was marked by excitement and fun for his excellent skills that earned the group a highly ranked rock band. The band’s performance went beyond borders that even saw them staging shows in other continents. Audi graced many of those music events and soon became people’s favourite for his prowess in drumming sector. His career in music, however, did not last long because he left in 1989 to pursue other interests.

Moreover, Audi and his band mates brought the heavy metal music into new heights in the industry in their time. The band’s music came into the limelight when they met the then presenter of ‘Praca do rock’ that was a program which influenced Brazilian rock music in the 1980s. The success of the presentation earned the band’s visibility to the public which made them record a demo album entitled ‘the Killera Sword’ that was played on the radio.

Audi featured in two albums before he left and more so wrote one of the songs in the album ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’. ‘Soldiers of sunrise’ was the first album that the band released in 1987 and was a great hit in the Brazilian heavy metal music. The album gained popularity due to Audi’s quality of exemplified massive sound of drumming and was even ranked as four-star by Allmusic. The band’s inspiration stemmed from the British heavy metal music and Iron Maiden an English metal band.

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December 29, 2017

How Adults Can Go Back to College

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Many adults are going back to get a degree. If you are a married man or woman with children, and you are going back to college, then here are some tips for you.

Adults who go back to college are not doing it for fun. They are doing it because they want to build a better future for themselves and their family. You need to know what you want to get out of going to college. Once you know your goals, you will be able to determine what your course study should be and which aspects of college you should skip.

You also need to be able to fit college into your schedule. This can be very difficult. One way to do this is by taking part time classes. If you are working full time during the day, consider taking classes at night. Another idea is supplementing your classes with online classes. This will give you more flexibility, and you will be able to study on weekends and when you are off from work.

Besides working classes into your schedule, you also have to work them into your budget. Of course, you can take out student loans. That will help you pay for classes, but you will go into debt. You can consider taking on another job too.

Finally, realize that it will take some acclimating on your part to get back into the academic world. You may need some help remembering certain subjects.

December 29, 2017

Online Courses Are Becoming More Popular – Some Useful Tips

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Online courses are becoming more and more popular. They offer opportunities for education that regular courses do not offer. There is more flexibility, and of course, you can study without commuting anywhere.

Not all online courses are exclusively online. Some may require you to show up for certain lessons in person. When choosing an online course, make sure that the course fits your schedule and your needs.

Online courses can give you more flexibility. Unlike traditional courses, you may not have a set time where you show up for class. Therefore, you need to create a schedule that works for you and which gives you enough time to get through the entire course. Once you create your schedule, make sure to stick to it. You will need to be motivated, because nobody will be there to remind you when you are studying at home. It is a good idea to set aside a certain place where you study and have your work materials.

It is a good idea to prepare for the course, just like any education course. Take a look at any course material that is recommended as study material. Take out books from your local library, if necessary.

Make sure that you can access the course. You may need certain software. Take a look at the system requirements and make sure that you meet them. You may need a strong and fast internet service in order to attend the online course.

December 28, 2017

Reworking Higher Education moves to House Floor

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After a fourteen hour committee session and a vote that split down party lines, House Republicans are ready to move forward on their draft of the PROSPER act, the Republican revamp of the Higher Education Act.

The reworked law, which would effectively replace the Higher Education Act on the books, aims to streamline student aid, promoting alternative post-secondary programs, and cutting a number of regulations currently in place. Perhaps most significant, the bill whittles down the monstrous number of individual loans down to one loan, one grant, and one work-study program per student, a policy shift many years in the waiting from both sides of the aisle. It will also expand loan coverage to apprenticeship programs and other types of skills-training, in an effort to alleviate the “skills gap” in the American labor force.

The bill, however, comes with a slew of criticisms from the Democrats, who voted unanimously in committee against it. Chief among them is the rolling back of Obama-era regulations which looked to stifle predatory lending practices by for-profit colleges, and the repeal of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, which forgives student debt for those who take a number of public-benefit careers after schooling. There are also repeals of regulations which standardize the value of a credit hour, another regulation that came to light after numerous scandals in the for-profit college market.

Despite a House majority, the bill may come under fire from Republicans in rural districts, whose students will be more strongly impacted.

December 27, 2017

Republican Bill on Higher Education to Move Forward

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The Republican party finalized legislation regarding education overhaul. This overhaul has been in the making for many months. It aims at entirely overhauling the federal aid system for higher education.

The bill has many parts, some obviously good, and some that are not as clear. For example, it aims at making federal aid application for college students easier. It will streamline the process and let students easily apply for federal aid.

At the same time, it will eliminate various regulations that have previously existed, including regulations that the Obama administration put in place. For example, it will eliminate various programs for student loan debt forgiveness if students go into certain public service professions. In addition, it will eliminate various regulations that are aimed at the for-profit higher education industry. Those regulations aim to protect students from scams and for-profit colleges that overcharge for worthless degrees. The goal of the bill’s sponsors is to help trade schools and other schools that teach various work skills to students get more aid. They want to help students who do not want to spend four years getting a college degree and just want to enter the workforce. However, some say that it goes too far, too quickly.

In addition, the DREAM act will certainly be brought up by Democrats. Democrats have tried to append this act, which aims at protecting children of illegal immigrants from deportation and giving them a chance to study and work in the United States, to the education bill.

December 26, 2017

How Virtual Reality Is Impacting Education

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According to experts, virtual reality can change the way education works. For now, most people using virtual reality are using it for gaming and fun. However, virtual reality has many other applications.

Think about all the different ways students can benefit from virtual reality. Virtual reality will give students the ability to experience situations that they would otherwise have no way of experiencing. They can travel, virtually, to countries and societies and places that they would never have the opportunity to visit.

Virtual reality also comes into play when it comes to higher education. In colleges and universities, virtual reality can play a large role in job training. It will give students the ability to experience what they would experience on the job.

Virtual reality also has the ability to help students who have specific learning disabilities and needs. It has been proven that virtual reality can improve a student’s understanding of a subject and improve their test scores.

In other words, virtual reality can bring students the ability to experience what they are learning about in a real-life situation. People who are training for a job can experience job situations through virtual reality as well. Walmart is already using virtual reality to train its employees on customer support.

If you are a business or you work in education, it is time to start looking into various virtual reality options so that you can get started.

December 25, 2017

Arizona Business Owners Propose a 1.5 Cent Sales Tax

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Arizona business owners are doing their part to support education in the state. They are proposing adding a 1.5 cent sales tax increase in order to increase the funding for public education. Phil Francis is the former CEO of Pet Smart. He is one of the people who is spearheading the movement.

Phil stated that he is not proposing this task to pick a fight with the governor. He stated that the governor has good ideas, and he supports those ideas. However, Phil stated that it is time for people to do something about educational costs. Inflation has exceeded educational funding in the state for the past decade. He believes that the 1.5 cent sales tax increase is absolutely necessary.

Governor Ducey does not approve the 1.5 cent tax increase. A spokesperson stated that he will not approve anything beyond the 0.6 cent tax extension. However, Phil believes that the two proposals in the upcoming election will confuse voters. Most voters want to support education, but they do not know exactly what they should be voting for.

Voters only have the option of voting yes or no on the ballot. If the voters vote yes, then they will approve the tax increase in order to fund public education. People who vote no will approve cutting funding for public education and spending more money on private education vouchers.

December 24, 2017

Educators Embrace Virtual Reality

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Once relegated to the world of video games and entertainment, it seems that virtual reality is gaining recognition for its more practical applications. Retailers have already embraced the platform as a way to provide interactive experiences with products to compensate for the tactile deficiencies of shopping from home, but VR’s potential extends well beyond simple marketing. Just as video games found a home in education, so too is VR finding establishing a respected place among academia.

While use is far from widespread, there is tremendous interest among both teachers and students for combining VR and education. Tech company Samsung carried out an extensive survey that found 93 percent of teachers believed their students would welcome VR in the classroom, while 83 percent felt it would improve learning. The survey was targeted at teachers from kindergarten all the way through to high school, showing that there is demand for the tech throughout all levels of the public education system.

While K-12 educators are only just seeing the potential of VR, it has already found a home among institutions of higher learning. Oral Roberts University, together with virtual and augmented reality company EON Reality, established the Global Learning Center, a VR-dedicated learning facility that uses digital spaces to better educate students in a range of subjects. EON Reality CEO Mats W. Johansson has expressed his desire to form partnerships with other universities to develop more education VR programs and the company is already working to establish additional centers in the Dominican Republic and New York City.

December 23, 2017