Student Loan Lies from the Government

How would you feel if you were essentially tricked by the government? Unfortunately, there are several people who know what this feels like. These people were made to believe their student loans would be forgiven by the government. It turns out the loans were not.

The problem stems from a loan forgiveness program offered by the United States Department of Education. According to the program launched in 2007, people could decide to work in industries where there were shortages of qualified workers. This included education and legal work for the disadvantaged. If you took one of these jobs and stuck around for at least 10 years, your student loans would be forgiven.

It was understood people might take pay cuts to work in some of these industries. However, the possibility of having student loans forgiven made the offer enticing. Many people entered the program. Unfortunately, it looks like the Department of Education and student loan providers are giving people the runaround.

Student loan providers neglected to have people enrolled in the right program. This was even after people directly requested to be enrolled in the program several times. Even worse, jobs that were supposed to be included as part of the program were suddenly changed. This was true even after people worked in their jobs for almost a decade!

Needless to say, it seems the government is trying to cheat Americans. Intentional technicalities by student loan providers and duplicitous statements from the government should not keep these Americans from getting what they are owed.

December 3, 2017

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