Questioning Evolution: The Push To Change Science Class

One of the sassy songs that date back during the era of the Walkman is “Evolution Mama.” This song was played with Kazoo on the background and banjo. The song’s lyrics say that you should never make a monkey of me. This is one of the largest certainties that captures the religious group’s sentiments as well as the like-minded politicians who never find it necessary to believe Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. According to Charles Darwin, humans descended from the lowest level of animals and apes. He believes that humans were once in the same family as the apes.

In many parts of the United States, Darwinism has long been under its siege. Even if major historians and critics practice their independent human evolution theories, it will be very hard to adapt their arguments to contemplate the Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. This is the reason why we see another force that believes in what the bible says. These group of people believes that humans were created and descended from a supernatural being who created everything on earth. For some, the rejection of the scientific consensus extends to issues such as the stem-cell research and climatic changes.

In essence, science companies like the Washington-based Discovery Institute will feel part of the administration where President Donald Trump shares such doubt on the existence of a supernatural being. President Donald Trump chose a Texas official who describes global warming as an exaggerated nonsense. The Retro Report, a collection of film documentaries working towards showcasing past news stories and their relevance in the modern society, takes a careful look at our forefathers in a piece called the Scopes of the Monkey Trial. John Scopes, a teacher, was charged with teaching students the theory of human evolution in the state-funded schools. He was charged $100 after pleading guilty.

December 5, 2017

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