Bill Will Require Drug Education In Schools

A bill will require that students in Kentucky receive education about the opioid crisis while they are in elementary and secondary schools. The bill was introduced by James Tipton. If the bill is signed into law, then students will receive drug abuse prevention education. The focus will be on the prescription drug abuse epidemic. Additionally, students will be educated about the link between prescription drug abuse and other types of addiction such as heroin and synthetic drugs.

The curriculum will be written by the State Department of Education. It will be based on the Office of Drug Policy. Not everyone agrees with this bill. George Powell is the director of student services for OPS. He believes that the bill is pointless because students already receive drug prevention education through the D.A.R.E. program.

George also stated that students are educated about the dangers of drugs in health class. Daron Fleming is the director of student services for Davies County Public Schools. He also believes that the bill is pointless. Students in the DCPS system do not receive D.A.R.E. training. However, they do receive drug abuse prevention education when they are freshmen in high school.

Daron stated that the bill would not change what the school is already doing. All DCPS schools will receive substance abuse prevention material starting next year. There will also be speakers coming into the schools to talk about the dangers of drug abuse.

December 7, 2017

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