Students Desire to Leave US Virgin Islands for Safer School

US Virgin Islands students had barely begun school when hurricanes came through. Since they are worried about education, they would like to come to the states.

At Saint Thomas, at 3 pm, high schoolers at Charlotte Amelie High School make band practice, play soccer, or go home to do homework. However, two historic hurricanes roared through the region and left the islands almost in tatters. About 13,000 public school scholars have not had a chance to begin their school year. What’s more, students will be returning to empty classrooms and structures that are still in recovery.

US citizens have evacuated the island territory in the last month. While many residents will return, kids and parents are contemplating whether to stay or go to the United States to a more stable school.

While being interviewed by BuzzFeed News, Ananta Pancham, a communication director at a private school called the Antilles said that the school year began with 500 students but the numbers had now reduced to 300. Ananta said that they lost 30% of the students after Hurricane Marilyn in 1995 although many came back.

Army Corps Engineers are currently repairing 11 schools of the 13 in St. Thomas before the scheduled start date. Parents, students, and officials find this move ambitious, bearing in mind that most structures don’t have running water or power. Ceilings and walls have been flecked with mold and others are missing roofs, including classrooms, bathrooms, cafeterias, and gymnasiums.

Since students are facing the same plight, they told BuzzFeed News that they would leave the islands to study in the states.

December 10, 2017

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