Greg Secker: Providing Financial Literacy to the Public

There are so many temptations in the world today, and all of us are guilty about spending our money until the last dollar. Few people only think about saving, and some do not have any idea what an investment is or how the rich are getting richer. This is the ideology that Greg Secker wanted to put an end to, and he wanted even the ordinary citizens to have a grasp of how investing works. Greg Secker is an English investor, businessman and entrepreneur who also have talents in public speaking. He has been into forex trading since he learned about its secrets through a company that he worked for in the past. Greg Secker founded the Knowledge Action Group in 2003, a financial and investment firm that provide training to people who are new to trading. The Knowledge Action Group would soon expand, and it would acquire several other businesses, becoming the head company for the group of companies that Greg Secker owns.

Greg Secker wanted to become a successful businessman and entrepreneur someday. After graduating from college, he immediately looked for a job. He wanted a job that has a good salary, but he lacks the experience to get the job. He almost lost it because of his failure in looking for his first job, but everything changed when he found Thomas Cook Financial Services, a financial firm that focuses on different types of investment like foreign exchange trading. While working at the firm, he had the chance to study and learn more about how foreign exchange trading works. He was learning fast, and just after months of staying at Thomas Cook Financial Services, he already knew almost all of the secrets and techniques on how to become a good forex trader. He was transferred to another department within Thomas Cook Financial Services, which specializes in foreign exchange. This is where he developed the Virtual Trading Desk, an application that he uploaded online so that people can trade in real time.

The Virtual Trading Desk caught the attention of Mellon Financial Corporation, and Greg Secker was invited by the company to work for them. He left the Thomas Cook Financial Services after years of serving the financial firm, and head onto his new company to serve as its vice president.


December 15, 2017

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