Betsy Devos Approves the Michigan’s Education State Plan

The state of Michigan submitted an education plan to the U.S Department of Education in April as required by the Every Student Succeeds Act. Since then, the state education officials have had their fingers crossed as they awaited the verdict of the Department of Education. Betsy Devos, the serving U.S Secretary of Education, announced on Tuesday that the Michigan’s plan had met all the statutory requirements, and she had approved it.
Getting the plan approved was no mean task for the state education officials. The Department of Education returned the first draft of the plan instructing the state education officials to revise it. The department had issues with five parts of the plan. The officials had until October 25, to finetune the plan and resubmit it. On November 15, a final copy of the education plan was resubmitted. While announcing that the plan had been accepted, Devos emphasized that the education plan should be used as a basis to build, strengthen, and expand the education sector and should not be treated as an achievement.
Brian Whiston announced on Tuesday night that the department had received the final approval of the plan. Whiston expressed his gratitude to the U.S Department of Education for working with the state officials towards getting the plan approved. Also, he recognized the invaluable input of other stakeholders.
The state leadership namely Gov. Rick Snyder and his lieutenant, Gov Brian Calley, had distanced themselves from some aspects of the plan. For example, Calley did not approve the metrics for special education students.

December 18, 2017

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