OneLogin And the Cloud

IT professionals don’t have to worry anymore. The cloud solution that once proposed great potential security risks, is now safer than ever. But, that doesn’t mean one should be frivolous to not look at the other issue in today’s ever-changing IT industry. This issue is known as Shadow IT as noted in OneLogin.

Shadow IT is a term that is used to describe IT solutions that are being developed and utilized unknown to the company. Simply put, employees find their own personal solutions are better than the company’s software and hardware. This doesn’t seem like a malicious issue, but potential security exploits are abundant in Shadow IT’s hardware and software solutions, as OneLogin notes.

With the cloud environment becoming evermore utilized in the market place, access to a company’s physical hardware components becomes not as simple. No one truly knows if some other developer is using the same server as a database administrator. These pieces of equipment are not physically located on site, and are vulnerable if the hosting facility isn’t properly secured or monitored.

So the question remains, how does a company maintain the security of their information in a cloud-based environment, where they don’t have access to the equipment on site. As OneLogin states, the goal is monitor and manage user access instead of focusing on hardware access.

Access is recommended to be set on a per system basis and not a per employee basis. Of course limitations to this strategy can be proposed as well, but one must think of the ever-changing world of IT and the undeniable growth of the cloud environment and the challenges that this new way of hosting proposes. Monitoring access based on each system, instead of each employee, gives more flexibility for any future changes, and gives the proper foundation for security.

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December 19, 2017

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