American Graduate Students Protest Against the Tuition Provision of the Tax Bill

Graduate students across the U.S are infuriated by the proposed GOP’s tax bill which in part undermines access to higher education. In light of the same, graduate students were early today gathered in protest of the bill. Huff Post reports that over 55 protests and walkouts took place today. The demonstrations were put together by two student groups, Grad Tax Walkout and Save Grad Ed. Also, the two groups are spearheading social media campaigns, #SaveGradEd and #GradTaxWalkout. They remain optimistic that the efforts will lead to the removal of the tuition provision from the tax bill.
One such protest occurred at the University of Colorado Boulder. A gathering of over 150 people including graduate students, faculty, administrators, etc. occupied the main courtyard at the university. They made chants in dissent from the provisions of the tax bill. Apparently, graduate students are ready to stand and be counted when it comes to defending their rights to education.
Some provisions in the bill that irked graduate students the most include a proposed increase of their taxable income (tuition taxes), caps on borrowing, and abolishment of loan forgiveness programs. Students wonder why the GOP is hell-bent on targeting graduate students.
Tracy Fehr Sardone, a second-year Ph.D. student at CU and the author of the article, believes that the proposed House bill has some underlying motives. She wonders why the taxes for corporations are being slashed yet students are required to pay more. In her opinion, the bill will adversely affect students from not so well-to-do backgrounds and reinforce the current inequalities within the American society.

December 20, 2017

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