Teachers Who Shell Out Their Own Cash For School Supplies Could See Tax Deduction Disappear

There are 3.6 million teachers across America, and many of them claim they use personal cash during the school year to buy basic supplies for their students. Some of these include the most fundamental items like pencils and erasers. Other instructors who teach in some of America’s poorer neighborhoods have spent their own money for textbooks in the classroom.

Republicans on Capitol Hill might take this pittance or small deduction away from self-sacrificing teachers in the House Tax bill, according to a report in the HuffPost. The House bill budgets the savings of offering this tiny tax break at around $210 million a year.

To the average teacher out there, the small deduction doesn’t give one a king’s ransom. Instead, it is estimated that the current tax code gifts a teacher with an added $40 to $50 in their pocket. That’s it, but to most hardworking instructors around the nation, the wee tax write-off is something teachers look forward to.

On the other hand, the Senate GOP tax plan features an ironic twist by doubling the deduction for teachers to $500. Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine is considered a key swing vote on the tax bill, and she remains a big supporter of the teacher deduction.

Before the tax plan can be sent to the desk of President Trump, this issue and many others need to be hammered out into legislation that both chambers agree on.

A vote could take place on the Senate floor on Thursday.

December 21, 2017

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