End Citizens United And The Fight Against The Big Money

There have been a lot of news lately about the political advocacies of End Citizens United. One of the latest news would be the one from USA Today where it was reported that End Citizens United’s latest stance would be to help in abolishing the Big Money 20 away from the organic democratic process.

The report indicated that the new target of End Citizens United in 2018 would be to make sure that the companies involved in the Big Money 20 will no longer be able to use their money as an influencer in the democratic process. Some of the Republican politicians that had been targeted by End Citizens United would be Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada. Rep. Darrel Issa of California and Rep. Pat Meehan of Pennsylvania are also some of the people that made in End Citizens United’s list.

Funds Target

The aim of the PAC End Citizens United this 2018 would aim to raise about $35 million and spend all this money to make sure that the Big Money 20 people would not win. About this, ECU President Tiffany Muller added in his public statement that she’s going to use all the resources that they got just to get the influential companies in the elections to stop using their large amounts of money to gain influence in the elections.

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Expert Opinion

Experts of the 2018 Election added that reducing the influence of money in affecting the democratic elections would be a good way to ensure transparency in the system. In fact, Pollster Al Quinlan noted that when money’s power is removed from the elections, the voice of the individual voters would be ensured. This is also about the top priority of individual voters in making sure that the elections are free from the influence of special interest groups that want to control the electoral results.

What People Think

It was also stated in the report from USA Today that right now the influence of money has even infiltrated the congress level. This is also the reason why the people wanted to make sure that there should be now immediate reforms in how the election donations will be done.

This message doesn’t only come to Republican and Democrat voters, but also independent citizens as well. The people want that big money should not be a big influencer in how the election turns out. They want organic results that represent their collective voice.

That said, End Citizens United also makes it sure that when they accept donations from people, it won’t be beyond $5,000 just to make sure that the people who want to support the advocacy will not turn out to be the same as the people they’re fighting.

This is also to ensure that people all over the country will get a fair share of the representation and will not be tempted to use their big money to influence the turnout.

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December 22, 2017

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