Arizona Business Owners Propose a 1.5 Cent Sales Tax

Arizona business owners are doing their part to support education in the state. They are proposing adding a 1.5 cent sales tax increase in order to increase the funding for public education. Phil Francis is the former CEO of Pet Smart. He is one of the people who is spearheading the movement.

Phil stated that he is not proposing this task to pick a fight with the governor. He stated that the governor has good ideas, and he supports those ideas. However, Phil stated that it is time for people to do something about educational costs. Inflation has exceeded educational funding in the state for the past decade. He believes that the 1.5 cent sales tax increase is absolutely necessary.

Governor Ducey does not approve the 1.5 cent tax increase. A spokesperson stated that he will not approve anything beyond the 0.6 cent tax extension. However, Phil believes that the two proposals in the upcoming election will confuse voters. Most voters want to support education, but they do not know exactly what they should be voting for.

Voters only have the option of voting yes or no on the ballot. If the voters vote yes, then they will approve the tax increase in order to fund public education. People who vote no will approve cutting funding for public education and spending more money on private education vouchers.

December 24, 2017

One thought on “Arizona Business Owners Propose a 1.5 Cent Sales Tax

  1. Sloane Charlie Post author

    Hypothetically speaking, the move that the people of Arizona are making is a very good one and it is all geared towards the improvement of education. Though uk eduburdie service can help us to unearth the details about the matter. Although the Governor has failed to approve of the proposal their is still hope that some day he might finally agree to it which I think he will do.


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