Republican Bill on Higher Education to Move Forward

The Republican party finalized legislation regarding education overhaul. This overhaul has been in the making for many months. It aims at entirely overhauling the federal aid system for higher education.

The bill has many parts, some obviously good, and some that are not as clear. For example, it aims at making federal aid application for college students easier. It will streamline the process and let students easily apply for federal aid.

At the same time, it will eliminate various regulations that have previously existed, including regulations that the Obama administration put in place. For example, it will eliminate various programs for student loan debt forgiveness if students go into certain public service professions. In addition, it will eliminate various regulations that are aimed at the for-profit higher education industry. Those regulations aim to protect students from scams and for-profit colleges that overcharge for worthless degrees. The goal of the bill’s sponsors is to help trade schools and other schools that teach various work skills to students get more aid. They want to help students who do not want to spend four years getting a college degree and just want to enter the workforce. However, some say that it goes too far, too quickly.

In addition, the DREAM act will certainly be brought up by Democrats. Democrats have tried to append this act, which aims at protecting children of illegal immigrants from deportation and giving them a chance to study and work in the United States, to the education bill.

December 26, 2017

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