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Offering School Kids A Chance At A College Education

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It is now more apparent than ever that to survive in an increasingly technical world environment, students need to work past getting just a general high school education. Whether it is trade school or a more traditional college, students need help getting into education after high school. There is a movement in the UK that is now being emulated in South Africa in which PhD students into schools to teach kids that obtaining college degrees are a reachable goal.

The Brilliant Club in the UK has been sending college students into high school classrooms to help teach the skills necessary for reaching college. Now, South America’s version, AccessEd is in it’s pilot year operating in two youth centers and about 16 schools. The goal with both programs is to bridge the gap in which poorer students are confident in pursuing a college education.

Studies have shown in both areas a widening gap between money and education. Students from poorer areas don’t believe that they can obtain a college degree. Both of these programs work with students after completion of the program to show the students what a university is like. If these two programs can succeed in strengthening the bridge between poorer students and the possibilities of a college education, they can keep the next generation of students in believing that they can change the world they live in. To read more about these programs, please click here.

January 31, 2018

Talkspace Help Yourself Get Out of Negative Mental State

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Getting over a breakup is not easy, and it can impact your life in ways more than one. When people are in a relationship, their entire life revolves around their partner, and when that someone is suddenly out of their life, it leaves a void that is too hard to fill. The emotional breakdown that happens after that can be terrifying, and it would impact both personal and professional life. However, people need to know how to move on in life. It is good to talk about how you feel and let your feelings out. Talking to your friends and family and being surrounded by the people you love is an ideal way out of such emotional trauma.

It is not easy to forget someone overnight and loving your ex is a real phenomenon. You would still harbor feelings for your ex even after the breakup, and it would take a long time to recover from that state. Talking to a professional therapist to get you out of your negative mental state is a good idea. Professional therapist would help you understand your feelings better and make you comfortable in your otherwise tricky situation. With the mobile app called Talkspace, it has become much easier for the people these days to consult with the professional therapist. Talkspace is a much cheaper option than going to therapist’s office. It is an entirely discreet service where you can choose from over thousand occupational therapists and you even have the opportunity to change your therapist midway through the session if you feel like it.

More than 500,000 people have already taken help from the therapist at Talkspace, and it is an app that has been growing in popularity since its launch. It gives people a way to talk about their mental state and get professional help without being too loud about it.

January 31, 2018

Paying Students To Learn Could Benefit The Entire Country

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In the United States, college is viewed as a stepping stone to get a job. Most people don’t go to college for experiences, or to get a real true education, but to get a job so they can start earning money. The government views students as human capital, instead of seriously standing behind a way to invest in students so they can become a stronger and more dependable future, they are just pushed to get something done so they can get a job and begin earning wages.

Other countries view education much differently than the United States. Countries like Denmark view college not only as incredibly important but also as hard work due to grueling schedules and long hours of studying in order to succeed. Denmark, and some other countries, choose to pay college students for their hard work. While it isn’t full time wages, it is good experience for those who are attending institutions of higher learning. Not only do they follow through with their hard work, but are learning how to earn money and prepare themselves for the real world. This, in turn, creates more successful workers for these countries as they have invested themselves more fully in the academic process, once they are done they are much more prepared and much more well rounded.

In the US, a lot of young people skip the college experience all together, instead heading straight to work because they need income so badly. Higher education needs a reboot in the US, it needs to be viewed like it once was, and for what it still is and should be, something that can be used for the intrinsic good. All that said, obviously there should be some regulations. Not everyone should be paid to go to college. Those who are rich enough to not need it shouldn’t benefit from these plans. Instead, those who couldn’t go to college unless they received the extra financial help should be the ones who benefit from programs like this. A plan like this could even help reboot the middle class by giving them more incentive to attend college and bring more income into their group.

That said, a plan like this isn’t free and would come at a cost, but sometimes, in order to better a society, there has to be sacrifice. This could benefit the entire country by boosting the education level of everyone as well as the economy. It is certainly something to think about as the country continues to grow and change. A full outline of this type of plan can be found at Huffington Post.

January 30, 2018

How OneLogin is Changing Identification and Accessibility for Organizations

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When it comes to meeting needs for identification of authorized users and providing them with access, your IT team needs to be able to keep the process simple yet effective. Access to cloud applications as well as on-site applications can be complex and difficult to maintain, providing the need for a new solution.

Cloud applications such as OneLogin are effective when searching for ways to reduce equipment from maintenance of on-site equipment. The Cloud allows you to remove the need for servers, the requirement to run environmental equipment such as air conditioning, and all the hardware associated with this maintenance. By removing these equipment needs, you also remove the costs associated with them. As a bonus, you are also able to save money on the personnel and associated needs such as training and keeping excess IT staff.

Once you’ve removed your physical web access accessibility points, you need to consider your organization’s needs for proper security. As you know, technology advances at a rapid pace, and methods used previously may not be suitable for your current needs. It’s no longer enough to keep the same pace as current technology. When it comes to your security, you need to stay a step ahead. This can be done through OneLogin, as your organization is able to sign-in once to all of your applications and programs. Even with a single sign-in, you’ll still have multiple authentication points throughout in order to ensure security.

Finally, your organization can benefit from removing lost productivity caused by power outages or downtime, as well as by removing the middle-man. By placing the burden of keeping your accessibility elsewhere, you can remove the need for an applications developer, saving time spent waiting for responses and application updates.

When choosing your IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service) solutions, consider the above needs and ask questions to ensure you know how the potential vendor can meet them. Since 2009, OneLogin has provided modern security options and simplified access to organizations. This is done by using multi-factor authentication and integration with other third-party programs, allowing users to sign on once for all of their programs.

January 30, 2018

U.S. News Publishes Annual Report On The Nation’s Top Colleges

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The U.S. News and World Report has released its annual college rankings for the year 2018 and for the seventh year in a row Princeton has earned the distinction of being named by the publication as the nation’s top university. The top five is rounded out by Harvard at second and then a tie between The universities of Chicago and Yale. The top five becomes a top six due to another tie between Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Also of note in the report was the University of Clemson’s Education program being named the top online graduate education program in the country. This was after the college failed to register in the top ten just one year ago.

The criteria used to rank schools were the academic accomplishment, rates of graduation, faculty and resources and the school’s rate freshman retention.

A new addition to the report is the first time offering of information pertaining to the salary information for graduates from 1000 colleges and universities. The data was provided to the publication by Payscale and reports the median beginning salaries for graduates with five years or less of work experience.

The military gives a good showing on this list as West Point and the Naval Academy are tied for first place with a median starting salary of $80,000. The California Institute of Technology is next with a more than respectable showing at a starting salary of $78,000.

The full list of rankings for colleges and universities in the United States can be seen at

January 29, 2018

How Troy McQuagge and the Hope Initiative are Changing the Lives of the Community

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Helping Other People Everyday, popularly known as HOPE is a special program that was established by the management, staff and independent contracted agents who work for an organization known as USHEALTH Advisors. For this group, this program is more than just an ordinary acronym. These individuals consider this as a mission that should be lived every day. The organization has made a special commitment to making out the biggest difference in the lives of the people in the society.

Troy McQuagge is the force behind the HOPE initiative. The program was first introduced into the market in the year 2010 when he resumed the position of president in the successful organization. USHEALTH Advisors has been getting a lot of support from its parent company, known as USHEALTH Group. The exponential growth in this organization is out of this world. This growth is believed to have been spearheaded by Troy McQuagge Son.

When the businessman joined the company several years ago, it was not business as usual. However, with Troy McQuagge working as the president and chief executive officer of the corporation, it has managed to accomplish more than ten times of what it was doing in the past. The HOPE projects have proven to be very helpful for the communities living in the country and other parts of the world. When conducting the first project, Troy McQuagge son decided to partner with several other leaders in the institution so that they could assist the communities who had been affected by the Hurricane Katrina. With the help of an organization known as Phoenix of New Orleans, Troy McQuagge made a huge impact in the lives of people who had been affected by the disaster.

Troy and his team assisted in the construction of homes in some of the areas that were most affected in the city. The institution chose to give out hundreds of man hours so that the city could be restored back to its former glory. The residents of the area will now enjoy more than just normal housing. The HOPE initiative has made sure that all the affected families have secure and standard houses so that they can start rebuilding themselves.

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January 29, 2018

Childhood Hunger Continues Through College

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In 1946, the federal government created the National School Lunch Program. The idea was that undernourished students couldn’t not thrive nor would they be fit enough to serve if they were called for military duty, and well fed students led to a stronger nation, so the government created a plan to help feed children while they were at school. The program, introduced under president Harry Truman, was a step in the right direction to help the country as a whole, but in the decades since its introduction, not enough has changed to ensure that students aren’t hungry.

Hunger doesn’t stop when someone graduates high school, that hunger often goes on through college where thousands skip meals and go to bed hungry because they cannot afford to eat. It is a crisis in a nation of plenty, but one that has had little more than a blind eye turned in its direction. According to a study done at the University of Wisconsin in the HOPE Lab, in surveying 33,000 community college students across the United States, one third of those students go hungry. It also showed that food insecurity afflicts undergraduate students at a higher rate than the rest of the general population.

While everyone has heard jokes about starving college students, the facts are real that this affliction can lead to poor health, poor mental health, and a poor academic performance along with anxiety about food. Many are seeking a solution on a federal level, and some have offered up some interesting ideas. Amherst College has opened a dorm that is open year round so that students have access to a warm bed and food during times when school is typically not in session. California has passed legislation that mandates public colleges to go through an application process to participate in the local food assistance programs which can also help stock food pantries under the state’s Emergency Food Assistance Program.

As a whole, the country is ignoring the problem, but colleges are slowing realizing they must step up to address the needs of their students. The federal government has the ability to offer more, but so far there are no plans for any mandates or assistance.

While this issue does not affect every single college student, those who are seeking a higher education and looking to be a productive member of the working world should have food to eat in order to maintain proper health and focus on their education. The University of Wisconsin found that 14 percent of community college students are homeless, which brings to light an even bigger issue. Struggling students need help to achieve success. For more information and statistics, head to Huffington Post.

January 28, 2018

Dick DeVos

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The Federal Aviation Administration named new members to its Management Advisory Council, including a familiar name, Dick DeVos. As the former CEO of Amway, Dick DeVos brings a sharp business mind and a love for aviation to the post. He will now service with 12 other members who are also aviation leaders, business executives, and directors from different government departments.


The Federal Aviation Administration makes changes on regulations, policies, budgets, and long-term planning for the aviation industry. It is one of the more important councils as it involves US and international travel, as well as regulations that affect huge businesses in America.


DeVos’ appointment has been praised by business leaders like the CEO of Southwest, who has said that he will make a great addition to the panel and that he has key insights into the world of aviation. That is quite true. DeVos has always been connected to the aviation industry and has helped his hometown’s airport to expand in the past few years.


Now the president of Windquest Group, DeVos will joining his wife Betsy DeVos in Washington once a quarter to go over aviation regulations. Betsy DeVos is the US Secretary of Education and has been making waves throughout the country with her changes to private education and charter schools.


The state of Michigan has known the DeVos family for many years. As a West Michigan native, DeVos has been working in Grand Rapids and other areas of the state to ensure economical power. Even before he was the CEO of Amway, he worked with business leaders to bring new commerce and traffic to his hometown.


In one such instance, he even prevented economical disaster by blocking a new sports multipurpose complex and convention center from being built outside of downtown. His thinking was along the same as those who had seen the construction of the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit. The city was financially ruined when the Lions and Pistons left the city after the construction was through.


DeVos wanted something else for Grand Rapids. He wanted business leaders to feel supported, and he wanted local businesses to flourish. He set forth a group called Grand Action that would bring all of these leaders to make important decisions for the future of Grand Rapids.


However, it was his presence in aviation that kept the city alive. He worked with the president of Gerald R. Ford airport to expand to new terminals. He convinced the CEO of Air Tran to add new destinations like Orlando and Denver. DeVos negotiated for Southwest to stay in Grand Rapids even as they had begun shuttering other terminals in different cities. Learn more:


DeVos is a strong negotiator and has always had a keen eye for business opportunities, but his true love is flying. He is an avid pilot and has a license to fly multiple planes and helicopters. He will be one of the more informed aviation leaders on the council.


January 27, 2018

Jeff Bezos Announces Huge Scholarship Opportunity For Dreamers

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While congress and President Trump continue to argue over the future of DACA and the wall, Jeff Bezos has stepped up to offer $33 million in grant money for “Dreamers” so they can attend college. This is a huge opportunity for a group of people who are completely uncertain about their future at this moment.

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of online mega store Amazon and left wing supporter has offered enough money for about 1,000 “Dreamers” or undocumented immigrants who arrived in the United States as children an who were allowed to stay in the country under President Obama, who have graduated from a US high school the chance to attend college. Under DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, these children who were brought here by their parents or other family members were able to remain in the US instead of being deported. They were not granted citizenship, but were allowed to attend schools and gain an education. Currently, it is believed that there are roughly 700,000 Dreamers, but that number may soon be dwindling as the current president, Donald Trump, makes efforts to cut the program.

Bezos himself is the son of an immigrant to the United States. At just sixteen years old his father was brought to this country as part of Operation Pedro Pan. Bezos’ father spoke no English and was all alone, but with strength, determination, and lots of hard work, as well as help from great organizations in Delaware, he became a citizen and has worked hard to give back to the country that helped him so much. Bezos himself is looking to help give to those who find themselves in similar situations and would like to have the chance to get an education and become a part of the US.

Bezos is no stranger to left wing politics, he is very open about his political views. This scholarship program spits in the eye of what Republicans and President Trump seem to stand for but will open the door of education to many young people who are looking to build a bright future for themselves but are rapidly running out of options. For more information on this, head to Huffington Post.

January 27, 2018

Avaaz Inspires Us All To Use Our Voices For Change

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The power of unity is immeasurable. By working together, we can accomplish more than we could ever imagine. This is especially true when it comes to issues that affect us. Global activism has long served as the platform for individuals to fight for what they believe in. With the advancements in technology, we now have the chance to connect with people from all over and come together to make the world a better place for everyone.

Launched in January 2007, Avaaz is a U.S. based civic organization that uses petitions, emails, organized protest, and a number of other strategies, to raise awareness on current issues and promote chance within communities around the world. Relying solely on the generosity and financial support of its members, Avaaz has raised more than $20 million in funding to help manage and support campaigns. The organization host global campaigns in over 30 countries and 15 different languages. Their online community allows them to raise awareness about issues around the world, helping earn more supporters for each campaign.

In honor of true democracy, Avaaz includes roughly 10,000 members in the new campaign selection process. Random members are invited to share their opinions on new campaigns ideas each week, and if a campaign receives enough member support, the organization acts. There are no rules and no restrictions. Avaaz is on a mission to connect like-minded people in honor of a better future. No matter what country, and no matter how big or small the issue may seem, if it will help create a better world, Avaaz believes its worth the fight.

It is up to us to make the world a better, safer place. By coming together, and using our voices, there is hope that we can one day, achieve the world we all truly want. A world rid of corruption, hunger, and poverty.

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January 26, 2018