Lime Crime’s Formula For Expanding To China

Lime Crime has taken a distinctive approach to expanding its presence in China. This is because the brand was facing a number of unique dynamics in the country.

Kim Walls, Lime Crime’s Global General Manager, spoke at the Conference. She discussed the topic and said that she knew the company couldn’t sell in the ways she knew how to sell, if they were going to expand their presence in China.

One of the issues involve is that cosmetics have to be tested on animals, of the produced are being sold via wholesale. This is an issue because Lime Crime doesn’t do this, but they can avoid the requirement if their products are shipped directly from America.

However, doing the above can complicate things due to logistic issues, such as Lime Crime would have to manage taxes and duties, as well as handle international returns.

Furthermore, there’s an issue with counterfeits. Walls said they found out that there were over a million units of one of their products that were counterfeit and they were being sold via different marketplaces in China. This was last year.

The company’s solution when they decided to launch in Chins was to partner with a fashion platform that was expanding into the beauty industry. The company they partnered with was Revolve, which is an e-commerce business based in Los Angeles.

Walls said Revolve offered a similar consumer experience from a similar perspective, which played a role in their decision to partner with them.

The cosmetics brand built a seed audience when it officially rolled out in China. They encouraged people to visit and use revolve’s service. Walls said that this was team effort to let everyone know that the only source of legitimate product in China was Revolve.

Furthermore, LimeCrime worked with a number of influencers to attract consumers. However, they worked with lesser known people because they wanted to work with people who were passionate about the brand.

For those who are in China and would like to purchase Lime Crime products, feel free to go to Revolver’s website.

January 2, 2018

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