Felipe Montoro Jens: An Infrastructure Expert

Through the years, Brazil transformed into one of the best destinations on the planet. They managed to create a strong economy through trade and tourism, centered in their largest cities like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo. However, Brazil lacks some basic infrastructure like airports and seaports, and the government has tapped the assistance of the private corporations and businesses to help them out. In Brazil, there is an existing system wherein the government can ask the private corporations and businesses for help to build their projects. It is called PPI, and it is considered by some as a win-win situation for both parties. Through PPI, the government can spend less money in building their projects, and the private sector can gain additional income through fees that will be given to the projects once they are built.

Felipe Montoro Jens is one of the few Brazilian citizens who is being consulted by the government for their expertise. In the case of Felipe Montoro Jens, he is being consulted by the government of Brazil because of his knowledge in infrastructure and city building. He flew back to his home country after the government asked him for his help regarding the projects that are going to start in 2018. One of these [projects is the creation of a water concessions that will be used for the benefit of the public. Felipe Montoro Jens stated that the nation should have enough funding before they consider building the water concession system, and he also asked the government if they will be putting the burden back to the people once the project ends. He stated that a water concessions system would be beneficial to the public, and they must build it, but the burden should not be passed to the public.

Felipe Montoro Jens is known for his brilliant opinions about the matters regarding the Brazilian government and his projects. He always flies back to his motherland whenever his help is needed, and it helps the government push through their projects that will benefit everyone.

January 19, 2018

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