David Giertz Says Plan Now for Retirement

David L. Giertz is an avid writer, blogger, and financial interview guest who talks about many different financial platforms, politics, and many other topics. He heads the Nationwide Financial Distributors company. Mr. Giertz is the President of the company’s distribution and sales division, which offers annuities, life insurance, mutual funds, and retirement packages. Mr. Giertz carries an MBA from the University of Miami School of Business, plus he attended the Millikin University. He is a registered Broker with the accredited association called Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Mr. David Giertz has many opinions that have panned out, especially in the financial sector, which is why when he speaks, people listen. He was interviewed recently on the subject of social security and the generation who will be retiring in the next 10 or so years. Based on a Nationwide Financial survey for people 50 and older, he stated that the survey respondents are not properly planning for their retirement years. The survey showed that people will have no retirement plan or social security as part of their investment future because financial advisors are not talking to their clients about what retirement plans retirees should have in place.

According to David Giertz, financial advisors really do not have an understanding of the social security handbook which contains over 2,000 rules, meaning it is complicated. Those individuals who are already retired and those approaching retirement do not fully understand about social security and taxes. Many experts believe that advisors are slacked due to lower income clients and clients in a tax bracket that have already retired.

David Giertz reported that people approaching retirement believe that they still have plenty of time before they think or plan for retirement investments. But according to David, people who are planning for retirement investments are better off than those who do not. David Giertz is a wizard in financial advisements with 30 years of experience. He also wants advisors to step up and begin to talk to their clients of all ages, but especially aged 50 about investing for their future and to help them meet their client’s investment interests.

January 22, 2018

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