Dick DeVos

The Federal Aviation Administration named new members to its Management Advisory Council, including a familiar name, Dick DeVos. As the former CEO of Amway, Dick DeVos brings a sharp business mind and a love for aviation to the post. He will now service with 12 other members who are also aviation leaders, business executives, and directors from different government departments.


The Federal Aviation Administration makes changes on regulations, policies, budgets, and long-term planning for the aviation industry. It is one of the more important councils as it involves US and international travel, as well as regulations that affect huge businesses in America.


DeVos’ appointment has been praised by business leaders like the CEO of Southwest, who has said that he will make a great addition to the panel and that he has key insights into the world of aviation. That is quite true. DeVos has always been connected to the aviation industry and has helped his hometown’s airport to expand in the past few years.


Now the president of Windquest Group, DeVos will joining his wife Betsy DeVos in Washington once a quarter to go over aviation regulations. Betsy DeVos is the US Secretary of Education and has been making waves throughout the country with her changes to private education and charter schools.


The state of Michigan has known the DeVos family for many years. As a West Michigan native, DeVos has been working in Grand Rapids and other areas of the state to ensure economical power. Even before he was the CEO of Amway, he worked with business leaders to bring new commerce and traffic to his hometown.


In one such instance, he even prevented economical disaster by blocking a new sports multipurpose complex and convention center from being built outside of downtown. His thinking was along the same as those who had seen the construction of the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit. The city was financially ruined when the Lions and Pistons left the city after the construction was through.


DeVos wanted something else for Grand Rapids. He wanted business leaders to feel supported, and he wanted local businesses to flourish. He set forth a group called Grand Action that would bring all of these leaders to make important decisions for the future of Grand Rapids.


However, it was his presence in aviation that kept the city alive. He worked with the president of Gerald R. Ford airport to expand to new terminals. He convinced the CEO of Air Tran to add new destinations like Orlando and Denver. DeVos negotiated for Southwest to stay in Grand Rapids even as they had begun shuttering other terminals in different cities. Learn more:  http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about


DeVos is a strong negotiator and has always had a keen eye for business opportunities, but his true love is flying. He is an avid pilot and has a license to fly multiple planes and helicopters. He will be one of the more informed aviation leaders on the council.


January 27, 2018

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