How OneLogin is Changing Identification and Accessibility for Organizations

When it comes to meeting needs for identification of authorized users and providing them with access, your IT team needs to be able to keep the process simple yet effective. Access to cloud applications as well as on-site applications can be complex and difficult to maintain, providing the need for a new solution.

Cloud applications such as OneLogin are effective when searching for ways to reduce equipment from maintenance of on-site equipment. The Cloud allows you to remove the need for servers, the requirement to run environmental equipment such as air conditioning, and all the hardware associated with this maintenance. By removing these equipment needs, you also remove the costs associated with them. As a bonus, you are also able to save money on the personnel and associated needs such as training and keeping excess IT staff.

Once you’ve removed your physical web access accessibility points, you need to consider your organization’s needs for proper security. As you know, technology advances at a rapid pace, and methods used previously may not be suitable for your current needs. It’s no longer enough to keep the same pace as current technology. When it comes to your security, you need to stay a step ahead. This can be done through OneLogin, as your organization is able to sign-in once to all of your applications and programs. Even with a single sign-in, you’ll still have multiple authentication points throughout in order to ensure security.

Finally, your organization can benefit from removing lost productivity caused by power outages or downtime, as well as by removing the middle-man. By placing the burden of keeping your accessibility elsewhere, you can remove the need for an applications developer, saving time spent waiting for responses and application updates.

When choosing your IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service) solutions, consider the above needs and ask questions to ensure you know how the potential vendor can meet them. Since 2009, OneLogin has provided modern security options and simplified access to organizations. This is done by using multi-factor authentication and integration with other third-party programs, allowing users to sign on once for all of their programs.

January 30, 2018

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