Paying Students To Learn Could Benefit The Entire Country

In the United States, college is viewed as a stepping stone to get a job. Most people don’t go to college for experiences, or to get a real true education, but to get a job so they can start earning money. The government views students as human capital, instead of seriously standing behind a way to invest in students so they can become a stronger and more dependable future, they are just pushed to get something done so they can get a job and begin earning wages.

Other countries view education much differently than the United States. Countries like Denmark view college not only as incredibly important but also as hard work due to grueling schedules and long hours of studying in order to succeed. Denmark, and some other countries, choose to pay college students for their hard work. While it isn’t full time wages, it is good experience for those who are attending institutions of higher learning. Not only do they follow through with their hard work, but are learning how to earn money and prepare themselves for the real world. This, in turn, creates more successful workers for these countries as they have invested themselves more fully in the academic process, once they are done they are much more prepared and much more well rounded.

In the US, a lot of young people skip the college experience all together, instead heading straight to work because they need income so badly. Higher education needs a reboot in the US, it needs to be viewed like it once was, and for what it still is and should be, something that can be used for the intrinsic good. All that said, obviously there should be some regulations. Not everyone should be paid to go to college. Those who are rich enough to not need it shouldn’t benefit from these plans. Instead, those who couldn’t go to college unless they received the extra financial help should be the ones who benefit from programs like this. A plan like this could even help reboot the middle class by giving them more incentive to attend college and bring more income into their group.

That said, a plan like this isn’t free and would come at a cost, but sometimes, in order to better a society, there has to be sacrifice. This could benefit the entire country by boosting the education level of everyone as well as the economy. It is certainly something to think about as the country continues to grow and change. A full outline of this type of plan can be found at Huffington Post.

January 30, 2018

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