Offering School Kids A Chance At A College Education

It is now more apparent than ever that to survive in an increasingly technical world environment, students need to work past getting just a general high school education. Whether it is trade school or a more traditional college, students need help getting into education after high school. There is a movement in the UK that is now being emulated in South Africa in which PhD students into schools to teach kids that obtaining college degrees are a reachable goal.

The Brilliant Club in the UK has been sending college students into high school classrooms to help teach the skills necessary for reaching college. Now, South America’s version, AccessEd is in it’s pilot year operating in two youth centers and about 16 schools. The goal with both programs is to bridge the gap in which poorer students are confident in pursuing a college education.

Studies have shown in both areas a widening gap between money and education. Students from poorer areas don’t believe that they can obtain a college degree. Both of these programs work with students after completion of the program to show the students what a university is like. If these two programs can succeed in strengthening the bridge between poorer students and the possibilities of a college education, they can keep the next generation of students in believing that they can change the world they live in. To read more about these programs, please click here.

January 31, 2018

One thought on “Offering School Kids A Chance At A College Education

  1. Anastasia Legend Post author

    Charity they say begins at home. Is an essential facet of life and one of the biggest way to prove to soeone that you love and value him. This is on the line of education. Ths though iis not the first time that this is happening and will not be the last time that people will actually make this complaint.


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