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Nick Vertucci: A True Story of Rags to Riches

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Nick Vertucci came from a humble background and he believes people don’t have to become products of their environment. Nick grew up in a loving lower middle class home, but things took a turn for the worst when at age 10 his father died. This forced him mother to work extra hours to support the family. By the time he turned 18, Nick was living out of his vehicle and had hit rock bottom. He was able to turn his life around in his early 20’s when he started his own business selling computer parts. Life was going well and Nick Vertucci got married and had children during this time period. Unfortunately, financial disaster struck during the dot-com crash of 2000 and Nick lost almost everything overnight. This incident taught him to be smarter with his money.

For nearly the next two years he continued to fall deeper in debt because his bills exceeded his income. He lost basically everything of value except for his home. During this time period his friend invited him to a real estate workshop and this changed his life. Nick Vertucci felt invigorated and was motivated to learn as much about the business as possible. It took him over 10 years to gain the experience and knowledge he needed to be really successful in the field. Once he became wealthy, Nick Vertucci wanted to share his knowledge to help other people achieve their financial goals. His company Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy teaches a simple turnkey system that most people can use to become successful. Nick can relate to the average person because he has experienced many ups and downs and sincerely enjoys helping people. He founded his company in 2013 and it is now one of the most popular real estate courses in the country.

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February 27, 2018

Drew Madden: An Expert In Healthcare Technology

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Drew Madden is an entrepreneur in the field of healthcare technology. Healthcare technology is an area that covers patient care and analysis. Madden has been working in this area for over ten years. He has witnessed advances and changes that have improved patient outcome.

One way this type of technology has improved outcomes is using tracking data. Patients give samples and take tests, and then doctors sort through the results to come up with a diagnosis and a treatment. Technology could bring all of these components together, and then present a combined report to the physicians to study. This task alone could save doctors hours of time, and treat patients faster.

The referral system between healthcare professions benefits from being linked to a technology-based system. For example, when a patient leaves an emergency room visit, they are often referred to a followup doctor. A followup referral system could track the patient and the referring office. Extending care after an emergency can prevent further and more costly treatments down the road.

Beacon technology can track patients and hospital staff. Tracking could reduce unnecessary wait times. Tracking departments create efficiency. When all parts are working together, things happen quicker and smoother. Monitoring, learning, and adjusting are one way to make these changes occur. Big medical entities with many moving parts, such as large hospitals, can monitor patient times and work to increase staff in the appropriate areas.

Opportunities exist to curtail medication errors using healthcare technology. Pharmacist, doctors, and nurses can work on getting and keeping patients compliant when taking medications. A study completed at Temple University discovered that patients taking their medication incorrectly created over 30% of the adverse reactions. If consumers use prescription drugs correctly, it could save the healthcare system millions of dollars. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Combining platforms with trained people in all areas will create a comprehensive healthcare package. The doctors will have the information in one place, and the insurance companies can provide faster authorizations.

Drew Madden continues to use his engineering and technical skills to coordinate specialist and patients. Drew Madden understands and strives to use education and experience to bridge healthcare between administration, healthcare workers, and patients. You can visit their Facebook page.

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February 27, 2018

Scott Rocklage

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Scott Rocklage is the co-founding partner at 5am Ventures. He since joined the company back in 2003 and quickly became the managing partner in 2004. This company is the leading venture firm in developing next generation life-science. They support other companies in building ground-breaking medicine and researching health sciences. They range from preventing numerous illnesses, to even diagnoses. 5am Venture consists of a team full of investors that are all experts in:

• strong scientific and medical research

• financing

• legal operations
Scott Rocklage has had over 20 years of healthcare management and leadership experience. He is also responsible for three U.S New Drug Applications getting approved by the FDA and six other drugs being entered into clinical trials. In his early life, Rocklage went to study at the University of California and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. After that, he decided to pursue his Ph.D in Chemistry and obtained it from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Learn more:
Dr. Rocklage is now partnering with Expansion Therapeutics in finding a cure for different diseases concerning RNA-triggered illnesses. Now, these different diseases can be treated with medications and Expansion Therapeutics won’t rest until they’ve figured one out. Dr. Scott Rocklage is also by their side each step of the way trying to figure out other options for patients.
Myotonic Dystrophy Type I, or in other words, DM1 has been the leading cause of muscular dystrophy in adults. This mainly happens when RNA levels reach a toxic proportion in the human body. It can be very life-therenting for anyone as many of the body’s systems begin to shut down including the:

• Respiratory system

• Central nervous system

• Heart and Muscles

• Gastrointestinal system

• Hormonal system
Since many of these RNA illnesses are hereditary, Expansion Therapeutics knew something had to be done.
As a result of this, the company decided to add over $55 million dollars to cover expenses in order to find a cure! With this new budget, Rocklage and his team is there to help with all the leading and financing!

February 23, 2018

77 Year Old Custodian Surprised With First Birthday Ever

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When Frances (Ms. Frances) Buzzard came into work at Belle Elementary School on January 19th, she was expecting a regular day of custodial duties, but what Ms. Frances didn’t expect was a school wide surprise party for her 77th birthday. School communities become like family, especially if the kids are there for more than three years then all the staff become the child’s daytime family. So when Belle Elementary’s Principal, Amanda Mays discovered that Ms. Frances has never had a birthday party before, Amanda set out to change that. Cupcakes were made, kids were told to keep the secret and practiced a song, the staff even made a short video presentation in honor of Ms. Frances.

When everything was in place, Ms. Frances was called down to the lunchroom right after lunch period expecting to clean a spill or other such minor thing, but instead found about 200 of the school children, and the staff waiting with a surprise and a pink tiara for Ms. Frances. Ms. Frances will never forget the day that the school kids and staff came together to celebrate her special day. Stories such as these are what help shape young students into a more caring, giving individual. The education system comes under a lot of fire for under funding, pressure to reach the school numbers for state funding, and for kids to reach their specific developmental goals for the year so it’s a positive thing to see what makes schools tick and that’s the family created between staff and the kids in schools nationwide.

February 22, 2018

America’s Innovative Lady CEO in the Disaster Relief Sector- Barbara Stokes

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About Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes is the chief executive officer of Green Structure Homes (GSH) in Alabama. They serve together with Scott Stokes who is the chief operating officer of the organization. She is a graduate of Mercer University where she did Biomedical Engineering and Physics. Barbara further extended her education at the same university and studied Structures and Properties Materials, Manufacturing and Management, and Technical Communication and Thermodynamics.

Moreover, Barbara Stokes has worked in various other companies in which she acquired most of her skills and knowledge in the industry. Some of the companies that Barbara worked before GSH include, Pisces Corporation and Boeing. The Pisces Corporations deals with electronic research and development while Boeing is a renowned company which is globally recognized for its manufacturing of aircraft. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Again, Barbara worked at Muscular Dystrophy Association as an administrative assistant and the University Of Alabama as a research assistant. Equally important, Barbara having proven her exceptional skills and extensive experience in government contracting, she assumed office as the leader of GSH. She is a leader who is well-versed in the disaster relief construction contracting and has gained experience in the years of her practice.

About Barbara Stokes’s Career at GSH

The Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC is based in Huntsville Alabama and acts a disaster relief contractor. The organization was founded by Scott Stokes and Barbara Stokes in 2008. Besides, the duo combined has more than three decades experience in the sector of the disaster relief construction industry. The Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC specialize in designs, where they build and deliver structures. They also provide an on-site construction of mobile and modular residential and commercial buildings in North America. Further, the firm renders programs in leadership management of in-house projects and engineering. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Furthermore, Barbara Stokes directs growth and leads the GSH in support of FEMA’s mission and USA government. Also, she is highly recognized as an inspirational leader who is credited for her achievements in what would be considered a male-dominated field. She is a visionary leader and refurbished the organization by her innovative thinking which has seen her attain her success in the challenging industry.

Recently, Barbara Stokes and the COO, Scott Stokes, announced of recruitment in the area of manufacturing in eight states. The states included are Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, Texas, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina Alabama and Florida. Moreover, this was in line with FEMA’S contract award of $28.5 million to help disaster-stricken areas. Again, as a disaster relief construction contractor, the funds went to help and offer relief efforts to victims of Hurricane Harvey by building them modular homes.


February 21, 2018

Secretary Of Education Betsy DeVos And President Trump Not On The Same Page On The Quality Of Higher Education

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Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and President Trump haven’t been on the same page lately when speaking on higher education. While DeVos calls the higher education system a failure, President Trump calls it the the best in the world.

On public school education, the two appear to remain of the same opinion as last year. “American carnage” was the term President Trump used to describe K-12 public school education in his 2017 inauguration speech. Prior to her own calling as U.S. Education Secretary, DeVos referred to a public school education as a “dead end.”

Perhaps DeVos’s confirmation hearing in January could’ve been an indicator that lower education wasn’t her only area of disapproval. She continued to vigorously support her efforts of steering taxpayer dollars away from traditional systems, saying that it was time to move towed a newer model from the one-size-fits-all approach taken by traditional preschool to college education systems.

During the most recent U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting, DeVos recalled a conversation she had with the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. He had asked her: “Why hasn’t America’s higher ed bubble burst?” She went on to describe in her address how the ambassador couldn’t understand why U.S. business would rely on education systems verses simply creating their own internal programs to equip a workforce with all the knowledge and skills needed for the jobs.

She also noted that educators and businesses often work side-by-side on the higher education curriculum in other parts of the world to ensure workers are being taught meaningful, useful skills.

On the other hand, President Trump delivered a much different message than DeVos the following day at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. He touted America as having the best higher education system and workforce in the world, and he urged other countries to invest in America.

Funding was slashed for higher education in the administration’s first education budget proposal. Congress is currently examining federal laws as they apply to higher education. One particular element of higher education Congress is looking to rewrite is in potentially decreasing federal aid. They’re also considering who qualifies and how and to whom the funds should be allotted.

February 21, 2018

These College Courses Are Showing Students How To Lead Satisfying Lives

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It has often been said that money can’t buy happiness and according to a recent article from the Reddit website, some major U.S. universities are now offering courses on how to achieve happiness.

At Yale University, a new course named “Psychology and the Good Life” became available in January 2018. More than 1,100 students have enrolled in the course, the highest number of students ever enrolled in a course at the university.

The psychology professor who is teaching the course says that she is teaching students some tested strategies for achieving happiness and satisfaction in their lives.

After striving for years to succeed academically, many college students now find themselves to be anxious and stressed much of the time. At Stanford University, a new course named “Designing Your Life” teaches students to utilize design principles in creating satisfying careers and lives.

The student response to the life-design course at Stanford has been so great that the creators of the course have been helping other schools to implement the program at their institutions.

Even though the “Psychology and the Good Life” course at Yale is being taught at the college level, there are already PTA organizations and kindergarten teachers requesting copies of the curriculum.

It’s good to see that courses that promote satisfying living instead of the greedy pursuit of economic power are being taught at prestigious U.S. universities. Hopefully, these courses will help to form well-balanced, compassionate individuals who can go on to do good things in their lives.

February 20, 2018

Talkspace Convenient Option for People Looking for Professional Therapy

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If you are suffering from depression, PTSD, or any other kind of mental health disorder or issues, it is highly suggested that you go for professional therapy. A licensed therapist would be able to provide you with an insight on what is going on and provide you with clinical advice on how to deal with the situation you are facing, including providing you with medication if needed. The common reason why many people don’t go for therapy even when they are pretty sure they need counseling is that it is an expensive affair. A session with a therapist may cost around $50 to over $200 and beyond, and it is an ongoing process.

Talkspace is a new app that offers people therapy online by professional therapists at a meager price. It is one of the reasons why Talkspace has become so popular among the people these days. It not only ensures that people can convey their feelings and identify their negative emotions so that they can get rid of it, But Talkspace also helps people in leading their normal lives without making any significant changes. The cost accrued at Talkspace is minimal, and there is no need for the members to go to the office of the therapist. The members can test or call the therapist at least twice a day, and more times if required. The features offered by Talkspace are beneficial for the people leading hectic lifestyles these days.

Recently, it has come to the light that Talkspace has been gaining a lot of new members, especially millennials after Trump won the Presidential Election. While it cannot be confirmed that the rise in membership is due to Trump’s win, but it raises a few eyebrows. Also, many people from the minority communities are coming forward and becoming members at Talkspace, which is a healthy sign.

February 19, 2018

New Study Shows Kids Peak Creativity

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Dr. Dermot Breslin of the Sheffield University Management School conducted a study in which 270 students were given the instructions to come up with as many projects as they can with the following objects: a coat hanger, a blank sheet of A4 paper, and a paper cup. The kids were able to come up with twice as many project ideas around lunchtime as they did at the beginning and ending of their day.

Peak mental creativity and socialization happens right before lunchtime. After the kids eat lunch, mental activities take a severe drop for a while as the body takes a break from metal acuity to process the food just eaten. Dr. Dermot has stated that the brains creativity, socialization, and mental acuity starts slowly rising during the morning and peaking around lunchtime, therefore, Dr. Dermot has started adjusting work activities in his classroom to take advantage of the peak performance in the morning hours. The results have increased the performance of the kids.

This, to me, is not really a new practice. Many people I have talked to use their morning hours to pack in as many productive activities as possible. Setting a great morning routine with students is vital to increasing the chance of students understanding their curriculum better and actually expanding their learning experience. To read more about Dr. Dermot’s study, please click here.

February 18, 2018

Student Financial Aid Refunds Expected to Face Significant Change in Disbursement

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A major change might soon be coming for college students in regard to their financial aid. Students that use the FASFA program and are approved for a certain amount of federal grants will likely no longer get a refund in the traditional manner. For those unfamiliar with the standard system here is how it works. Students enroll for classes, federal financial aid is then sent directly to the school to be applied to each individual’s balance due for tuition. If there is a surplus difference between the tuition costs and the grant money then the remainder is returned to the student via a check or direct deposit. Betsy DeVos is aiming to change the refund method with many questioning her intentions.

The proposed change would give financial aid refunds back to students in the form of a pre-paid bank card. Betsy DeVos, Education Secretary, has been working to revamp the student financial aid process to become more streamlined. Concerns from the public are quickly arising citing privacy invasion. Essentially, the government can control where and how students spend their money and see their transactions. The previous head of financial aid, A. Wayne Johnson, said: “We will have controls.” The intention of the proposed change is clear, to allow the government to keep track of where these funds go after distribution, the question is whether or not Big Brother is taking another step toward invading the privacy of its citizens.

February 17, 2018