The Dick DeVos Viewpoint

Dick DeVos is a popular figure in the world of philanthropy. He’s also someone who has a name in the political realm. He’s given a lot of time and effort to both of these subjects throughout his life so far. He can talk at great length about that to his wife, Betsy, too. They’re essentially a match made in paradise. They’re two people who have families that understand the power of hard work and striving to achieve goals. They’ve witnessed people around them achieving amazing and rare things. That encouraged them to take the same approach.


There are people in this world who do things. There are also individuals who watch other people do things. Dick DeVos is definitely part of the first camp. Betsy is as well. Dick was a businessman who was navigating the career ladder in 1991. Although he had a lot of work to handle with his business efforts, he still put a lot of time into thinking about the city that contributed significantly to who he is then and today. That city is beautiful Grand Rapids in Michigan. DeVos caught wind of dialogue that revolved around the building of a substantial arena. This structure was set to be near quaint Grand Rapids. DeVos didn’t like the sound of that in the slightest. What did he do about his dissatisfaction? He without delay started talking to people who had sway. If DeVos feels any sense of disapproval, he goes after his gut. He doesn’t dismiss things that don’t feel right to him. Betsy has that same type of personality.


DeVos isn’t someone who only cares about causes when the feeling strikes him. Philanthropy is basically a way of life for him. It’s essentially a way of life for his life partner, too. Dick and Betsy have been a married couple for many decades now. They’re successfully raised healthy, productive and content children together. They’ve been through so many ups and downs throughout the years they’ve been part of a union. They’ve had so many precious learning opportunities as well. They have stopped by countless schools. They’ve had detailed and thorough discussions with parents from all walks of life. These plentiful conversations have remained close to their hearts, too. It was distressing for Dick and Betsy to speak with parents who simply lacked the funds required to cover their youngsters’ educational needs. They understand that they didn’t have the same financial issues these parents had. That in no way made them feel any better, though. The DeVos family isn’t all about rarefied air. They’re about relating to the average person in the United States. They relate to working-class households in Michigan and beyond. They see themselves in working-class families scattered all around their beloved nation.


Educational choice is a constant topic for Dick and Betsy. They use the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation for excellent causes of all kinds. They believe in the extraordinary value of culture, the arts, education, leadership and everything else along those lines. Learn more:

February 1, 2018

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