The Bright Project Offers Hope to Disadvantaged Children

The world is a complex place. And people who want to impact the state of things need an education which can stand up to that complexity. But one big problem is that many brilliant children aren’t even aware of the path they should take to do so. There’s so many choices out there that many kids end up feeling lost. Worse, many of these children have potential to make great strides in the world which might end up underutalized.

The Bright Program seeks to change all this. It matches up PhD students with children in disadvantaged areas. The University students have a chance to share their experiences with children who might have never even considered higher education. The program began as an outreach effort to low income children in the UK. But the rousing success has led to a recent expansion into South Africa.

Of course there’s many different considerations in this sort of expansion. Every disadvantaged area is in that state for different reasons. And people within it face different challenges to overcome those conditions. For example, the program has taken special note of the fact that basic IT access isn’t available to many students in South Africa.

This is one of the larger causes of lowered expectations within a child’s life. They’re often unaware of just how far they might be able to go. And likewise they might not be aware of the help that’s available to them.

However, despite the differences the program showcases how similar people are. One of the biggest goals of the program comes from inspiring confidence. It’s not just about showing children how far they can rise. It’s also about showing them just how special they are in the here and now.

February 2, 2018

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