Rejecting Evolution and Overall Aptitude

A new study that was conducted by the scientists of the Milner Centre for Evolution located in the United Kingdom, has shown that school children that rejected evolution, greatly shown signs of not understanding science as a whole. Approximately 1,200 school children from 70 secondary schools in the U.K. were used for research in these studies. The students had ages that ranged from 14 to 16 and they were tested on their knowledge and understanding of evolution and whether they accepted evolution.

Those that did not accept evolution for the most part, shared the same results of not having prior comprehension of evolution as well as genetics. This was probably linked to their poor understanding of science in general as opposed to whether it conflicted with their belief system. An American study conducted long ago revealed that most U.S. students that highly rejected evolution, were found to be very intelligent and could thoroughly comprehend the subject while molding it to match their chosen beliefs.

The Milner Centre for Evolution is a recent addition to the University of Bath, U.K. The new facility provides their highbrow expertise surrounding the complexities of evolution research and theories. It was named after Dr. Johnathan Milner, a University of Bath alumnus, after he had donated a gift of five million British pounds towards the production of the building. The research facility also conducts research pertaining to biology, education and health.

February 4, 2018

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