Avaaz is an NGO founded by CEO Ricken Patel. It is an organization located in the United States whose headquarters are found in New York. Its launch took place in January 2007. Avaaz promotes global activities on on matters involving climatic change, poverty, human rights, corruption, and conflict.

Avaaz is a Sanskrit phrase referring to ‘voice’. Avaaz was founded with the assistance of Res Publica which is a public sector community of professionals devoted to promoting competent governance, civic virtue, and democratic credibility. According to The Guardian, it is the globe’s largest and most powerful online network. It is supported by a founding partner, Service Employees International Union. The board consists of three professionals; its founder, and two other co-founders.

The founding President studied Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at Balliol College, Oxford University. He has also had engagements for organizations such as the International Crisis Group all over the world in places like Sudan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Afghanistan.

These places taught him how to bring rebel forces to the negotiation table and discuss matters that contribute to their countries’ growth. They include political freedom, peace, and economic prosperity. On his arrival back to the United States he engaged himself in volunteering activities for MoveOn organization where he learned how to use online devices to enhance his activism.

According to The Guardian, since 2009, Avaaz has been relying on the helping hand of its members whose contributions have currently amounted to over $20 million (£12.4M). Before 2009, Avaaz had been funded by various foundations especially when they were starting. This shows that it is a movement that reaches out to millions of people.

A campaigning team normally manages Avaaz global campaigns operating from over 30 countries. Online public petition campaigns are normally invented by its members who usually communicate via email and videos. Campaigning suggestions then come from members, with the guidance of specialists. Director Ricken Patel said their mission is to reduce the world to a global village and make it more favorable for all people. Avaaz often supports progressive causes such as calling for worldwide action on climatic change, putting Monsanto on its toes and creating greater global assistance for refugees.

February 6, 2018

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