Michel Terpins And The Victorious Race He Won in the Sertoes Bull Rally

July is such a memorable month for Michel Terpins, the Brazilian driver. It’s not just because it was in July that the 22nd Edition of the Sertoes Rally that Michel Terpins joined had happened, but because of the fact that the race was where Mr. Terpins’ team emerged victories. There’s more: it is with Michel Terpins’ partnership with Rodrigo Terpins that he went through the race, which is an exciting victory considering that both of them are brothers.

The 22nd Edition Sertoes Rally

One of the remarkable highlights in the 22nd Edition of The Sertoes Rally that Michel Terpins had joined is the fact that they just competed for the entire rally for just about 2 hours, finishing at 7th place in the Prototypes T1 category. Despite the fact that brotherhood duo couldn’t finish the special, the team was still pleased on how far they had reached at the end of the game.

“There are several terrains on that first day, and it was such a rigorous task that it’s hard not to feel the pressure of the entire game, “ said Rodrigo Terpins, the Car Driver for #326. The accretion of the intensity and pressure in the race was also something that was met with grace by the team, and despite the fact that there’s still so much needed to train the team of Michel Terpins, there’s no doubt that their victory is worth celebrating already.

Perhaps the desire of Michel Terpins to win more and be better in the race will be the necessary fuel that he would need in order to hit the goals that he requires to have. This will not be hard to do because Michel Terpins is confident and is powerful enough to withstand all the challenges needed in facing the perils of the game.

Reforestation Strategy

Now you may wonder, “What is Michel Terpins doing with all that profligate burning of fuel when there’s Climate Change going on?” Well, you should know that after the game, Michel Terpins pledged to plant a series of trees in the Atlantic Forest to make up for the fuel used in the rally.

February 8, 2018

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