Whitney Wolfe Herd Bringing a Digital Revolution in the Online Dating Industry

Modern dating apps are biased towards women. It is them who have to wait for the messages from their matches to take the conversation forward. Most of the dating apps are created in such a manner that allows people not to reveal their true identity, and it has led to many unsafe incidents, but, a new dating app in the market with the name of Bumble has managed to bring a revolution in the dating industry.Bumble, created by Whitney Wolfe Herd, is an exceptionally easy to use app that allows women and men to look for partners depending on their interests. Unlike other dating apps, it is the women who are allowed to message the man they are matched with. The other person has limited time to respond to the messages before the match is deleted from the person’s app.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has also put some advanced security in place that allows the users to find their partners without having to worry about being bullied or rejected rudely by the other person. The company takes the safety of their users seriously and has a set rule in place on the etiquettes that they need to follow if they want to use the app. Other apps allow users to behave and talk to others any way they want, but Bumble has rules that have to be followed if they’re going to use it. The company is dedicated to providing a quality match to its users. Even though the company intends to grow the number of registrations to their dating app, they do not compromise on the quality of the users that use it.

Whitney Wolfe Herd was born in Salt Lake City and studied International Relations while in college. But, she wanted to become an entrepreneur from her college days and spent nights creating new business plans. After graduating from college, she co-founded an app that went on to become one of the top start-ups in the tech industry. But, Whitney Wolfe Herd left the company soon after due to indifferences with other partners and set out to create a new dating app that allowed women to make the first move in the dating world. This led to the creation of Bumble, and even though many people thought the idea would not work, it led to more than 100,000 users registering with them in the first month itself. Its popularity increased, and it has become one of the top dating apps.

February 9, 2018

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