Cellphones Responsible For Educational Problems

Technology is a growing part of the modern day world. Most view technology as a way to advance society and the world. However, technology is actually playing a part in holding high school kids back by posing educational problems. Recently, several adults posed as students at a high school for an A&E Documentary series. They discovered some very disturbing things about technology and the educational system in the schools. They discovered that cell phone use is out of control in schools and interferes with learning.

Cellphone Interference
The undercover adults at the Kansas high school quickly discovered that kids in the high school were addicted to their smartphones. In fact, most teachers had to struggle to get the kids attention and teach in the classrooms. In addition, they learned that bullying is alive and well in schools. However, cellphone use has taken bullying to a brand new level. Now, kids are actually using their cell-phones and social media to bully other kids. Today, kids are bombarded with messages from social media sites and the bullying builds to a new high. Often, the kids feel like everyone is looking at them and the weight of the world rest on their shoulders. It’s very overwhelming for kids.

Clearly, it is time for parents and teachers to take note of the disturbing effect that cellphones, social media, and the online world has on their kids. It’s time to connect with the kids on social media and discuss their issues and concerns. This is the only way to gain control of learning, kids, and the classroom.

February 13, 2018

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