New Study Shows Kids Peak Creativity

Dr. Dermot Breslin of the Sheffield University Management School conducted a study in which 270 students were given the instructions to come up with as many projects as they can with the following objects: a coat hanger, a blank sheet of A4 paper, and a paper cup. The kids were able to come up with twice as many project ideas around lunchtime as they did at the beginning and ending of their day.

Peak mental creativity and socialization happens right before lunchtime. After the kids eat lunch, mental activities take a severe drop for a while as the body takes a break from metal acuity to process the food just eaten. Dr. Dermot has stated that the brains creativity, socialization, and mental acuity starts slowly rising during the morning and peaking around lunchtime, therefore, Dr. Dermot has started adjusting work activities in his classroom to take advantage of the peak performance in the morning hours. The results have increased the performance of the kids.

This, to me, is not really a new practice. Many people I have talked to use their morning hours to pack in as many productive activities as possible. Setting a great morning routine with students is vital to increasing the chance of students understanding their curriculum better and actually expanding their learning experience. To read more about Dr. Dermot’s study, please click here.

February 18, 2018

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