These College Courses Are Showing Students How To Lead Satisfying Lives

It has often been said that money can’t buy happiness and according to a recent article from the Reddit website, some major U.S. universities are now offering courses on how to achieve happiness.

At Yale University, a new course named “Psychology and the Good Life” became available in January 2018. More than 1,100 students have enrolled in the course, the highest number of students ever enrolled in a course at the university.

The psychology professor who is teaching the course says that she is teaching students some tested strategies for achieving happiness and satisfaction in their lives.

After striving for years to succeed academically, many college students now find themselves to be anxious and stressed much of the time. At Stanford University, a new course named “Designing Your Life” teaches students to utilize design principles in creating satisfying careers and lives.

The student response to the life-design course at Stanford has been so great that the creators of the course have been helping other schools to implement the program at their institutions.

Even though the “Psychology and the Good Life” course at Yale is being taught at the college level, there are already PTA organizations and kindergarten teachers requesting copies of the curriculum.

It’s good to see that courses that promote satisfying living instead of the greedy pursuit of economic power are being taught at prestigious U.S. universities. Hopefully, these courses will help to form well-balanced, compassionate individuals who can go on to do good things in their lives.

February 20, 2018

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